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KR2017 Series

wire to board, 2.0mm pitch, 3A current, temperature resistance, double lock design Widely used in automobiles, battery motherboards, car lights, all kinds of vehicle electronic products


Highly reliable connector with high heat resistance and vibration resistance
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Miniaturised connector design enhance the new generation of small medical applications 
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Mobile Devices

High speed transmission enables low latency communication
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Consumer Electronics

KONNRA connectors are widely used in consumer electronics
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Industry Automation 

Small, high power & high speed connectors needed in factory automation machine
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The speed of telecommunications is the future, exploring internal connectivity
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Power Supply

High-voltage power supplies require efficient connectivity solutions
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Renewable Energy

Discover our large selection of renewable energy connector
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Artificial Intelligence

Connectors enable AI systems to work efficiently
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Custom Solutions

A wide variety of technical requirements may prevent you from finding the perfect off-the-shelf solution. At KONNRA, we have advanced inspection equipment and technology to meet your unique requirements.

Service & Support

Our Advatanges

4 factory bases ensure production capability.

45 certificates

Lead time: connector 2-3 weeks, wiring harness 3-4weeks.

Raw material supply chain with reliable quality system certification.

Factory Automation rate exceed 95%

Customized connector and wiring harness R&D one-stop solution

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