Connector on the automotive solution

With the popularity of new energy vehicles, the high voltage and high current characteristics of the power battery put forward requirements for the waterproof, moisture-proof and high temperature resistance of the connector. And in the transmission rate, anti-interference performance and other aspects are also constantly optimized to meet the needs of intelligence


KONNRA is a leading supplier of interconnect systems, sensors and connectors such as lights for a growing number of automotive applications. The role of the connector in the car is very important, and the automotive connector is one of the key components in the electronic system, which is used to connect various electronic devices and sensors, such as batteries, motors, controllers, lighting, sound systems and so on.
KONNRA automotive connectors have high reliability, high durability and vibration resistance to cope with harsh environments and mechanical vibrations in vehicle operation. And has waterproof, dustproof, vibration resistance performance. We have extensive experience in the manufacture of connectors and wiring harnesses in the automotive industry



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