Connectors for use in industrial automation

Industrial automation equipment often works in high temperature, high pressure, high vibration and other harsh environments, connectors need to have a high tolerance
With the development of industrial automation equipment towards miniaturization and integration, connectors also need to meet higher contact density and smaller volume. How to achieve high performance connection in a limited space is an urgent problem for connector technology


With the continuous development of technology, industrial automation has become the development trend of the future manufacturing industry.
The development trend of industrial automation and connectors is inseparable from the role of technology.
In the future, intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies will continue to promote the development of industrial automation, and connectors will also develop in the direction of intelligence, high-speed transmission, miniaturization, and lightweight. The role of connectors in industrial automation will become increasingly important, providing enterprises with higher production efficiency, lower costs, higher product quality and more intelligent management.



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