Connector solutions on artificial intelligence

The connector can realize collaborative training between multiple data sources and improve the generalization ability of the model under the premise of protecting data privacy.
Model-level connectors can achieve seamless docking between different models and improve the efficiency of the entire system.
Artificial intelligence connectors can provide developers with rich interfaces and tools to facilitate model training, deployment and debugging.


Connectors play a crucial role in artificial intelligence. Ai systems are typically made up of many different components, such as algorithms, data storage, sensors, and more. These components need to be connected and communicate with each other in order to work together to achieve the goals of the AI system.

Connectors ensure seamless collaboration between different components by providing stable connectivity and data transfer. For example, sensors in an AI system can transmit collected data via connectors to the central processor, which can then process the data and pass it to other components, such as memory or actuators.
Connectors can also help AI systems communicate with other devices or systems. Ai systems can be connected to smartphones or computers via connectors, allowing for data sharing and remote control.



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