KR2542 Series Dual Row DIP Right Angle Pin Header H=2.5

DIP Type, dual row, Pin Header

Pitch 2.54mm
Circuits: 2*7P
Current: 3A
Type: Pin Header

KR2542 Series Dual Row DIP Right Angle Pin Header H=2.5

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Package Specification

General Specifaction

Material: PA6T+30%GF/UL94V-0/Brass
Withstanding Voltage: 500V AC/ minute
Temperature Range: -40℃~+105℃
Contact Resistance: 20mΩ/max
Insulation Resistance: 1000MΩ/ min
Product Plating: Gold flash


The KR2542 Series Dual Row DIP Right Angle Pin Header H=2.5 is a high performance connector designed for PCB board-to-board connections. Its dual row right angle design saves space and its 2.5mm height accommodates a wide range of mounting requirements. The double-plastic band post structure enhances the stability and durability of the connection, and is suitable for a variety of electronic devices that require high reliability and easy maintenance.


  • Space-saving

Its design allows the connector to better fit the PCB board surface during installation, effectively reducing the occupied space, which is particularly important for electronic equipment with limited space.

  • High stability

the structure of the double plastic tape column not only enhances the overall strength of the connector, but also improves the stability of the connection with the PCB board, reducing the risk of loosening or falling off due to vibration or shock.

  • Strong durability

The material and manufacturing process of this product usually have high quality requirements to ensure that the connector can maintain good performance and durability over a long period of time and high-frequency use.

  • Easy to install and maintain

The right-angle design makes the connector easier to install, while the structure of the double-plastic band post also facilitates subsequent maintenance and replacement work.

  • Wide range of applications

Due to its excellent performance and stability, the product is widely used in automotive, household appliances, industrial equipment, lighting systems and medical equipment.