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Development of artificial intelligence

The concept of artificial intelligence was formally proposed by 10 young scientists at a Dartmouth College conference in the summer of 1956, and scientists have since embarked on the long road of finding scientific principles and methods suitable for computers to acquire intelligence.

The development of artificial intelligence in less than 70 years is also quite tortuous, although today’s basic theoretical innovation and key technologies have made great breakthroughs, but also experienced two lows. The U.S. military stopped spending money on artificial intelligence, even for a while. The researchers involved are too embarrassed to acknowledge their own work on artificial intelligence. In 2006, deep learning theory broke through, Internet technology brought big data, and Moore’s Law made computing power rise sharply, which promoted the re-emergence of machine intelligence. In 2016, the “man-machine war” began, Alpha Go successively defeated the highest level representatives of the go world, Li Zaishi and Ke Jie, and in 2019, Google Deep Mind AI and two professional players won the StarCraft competition of Blizzard. The occurrence of these two things greatly increased the visibility of artificial intelligence, people began to gradually realize the power of artificial intelligence, feel the ability and charm of artificial intelligence deep learning.

In June 2020, Open AI released GPT-3, the most powerful language model ever, which can use knowledge graph and big data technology to replace senior people to write financial reports, lawyers’ letters, press releases and other articles; In November 2022, Chat GPT, a chatbot developed by Open AI based on the GPT-3.5 language model, attracted a lot of attention, constantly writing text, fixing and debugging code, and even writing papers for people. Today’s GPT4 is clearly more powerful and improved than GPT3.5.


The current artificial intelligence mainly relies on deep learning, but the deep neural network itself has many defects, which will cause problems such as poor robustness of artificial intelligence, poor mobility of special application scenarios, low energy efficiency, and poor adaptive ability. Nevertheless, with the technological upgrading and optimization of deep learning theory, language models continue to improve the level of visual and natural language intelligent processing through “data violence”, and a large number of application scenarios accelerate the integration of artificial intelligence economies of scale will inevitably be formed in the future.

The significance of connectors in artificial intelligence

AI is considered to be an important part of the fourth industrial revolution, if the AI is compared to the human brain, intelligent hardware is compared to the human body, then the connector is equivalent to the human meridian, has an indispensable role. It can be said that the rapid development of AI is accelerating the process of the connector industry, and a large number of revolutionary high-tech electronic products make connector manufacturers accelerate the pace of research and development.

Connectors have important room for development in the current artificial intelligence AI industry. Connectors are key components that connect different components, devices, or systems together, and they play an important role in enabling data transmission and communication between devices. Because AI systems typically consist of multiple components and devices, high-speed data transmission and communication are required to work together.

AI applications involve large amounts of data transfer and processing, such as in machine learning and deep learning, where large amounts of data need to be transferred from sensors, storage devices, or other computing devices to AI models for training and reasoning. The stability, speed and reliability of connectors are essential to ensure efficient transmission and processing of data.

In addition, the AI industry also involves various types of devices and components, such as sensors, cameras, processors, storage devices, and more, which need to be interconnected through connectors to build complete AI systems. Connector design and technological innovation can help achieve more efficient, flexible, and reliable device connectivity and communication, thereby enhancing the performance and functionality of the entire AI system.

KONNRA Electronics advantage

With the continuous development of the artificial intelligence industry and the expansion of application fields, the demand for connectors will continue to increase. From smart homes to self-driving cars, from medical diagnostics to industrial automation, connectors play a key role. Therefore, the connector industry has great potential for development and will continue to promote and grow with the artificial intelligence industry.

The continuous optimization of artificial intelligence requires more precise, efficient and stable connectors, KONNRA Electronics according to the needs of artificial intelligence technology research and development, innovation and upgrading, adhere to the concept of “connecting the world, creating the future”. Based on the existing information and energy transmission functions, we gradually add functions such as information communication, operational protection, programmable logic, standard conversion, sensing and detection, with self-configuration, self-detection, self-recovery environmental adaptability and more safe and energy-saving characteristics.

Compared to the same performance products on the market, KONNRA connectors have the advantages of superior performance, excellent compatibility, reliability, a broad customer base and a competitive price.

Dongguan Konnra Electronics Co., LTD

With the development and advancement of emerging areas such as the Internet of Things, 5G, and artificial intelligence, the future connector will be more modular, miniaturized, functional and intelligent in the form of the market. KONNRA Electronics has strong business capabilities, excellent connector industry chain vertical integration capabilities and independent innovation capabilities and other core competitive advantages, is moving steadily towards high-end, intelligent, precision direction.

Whether now or in the future, especially in the era of AI, the demand for high-speed transmission will only increase, and KONNRA Electronics will adapt to The Times and rapidly develop to become a leading connector solution provider.

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