Right Angle Wafer

Part Name Wafer
Pitch 2.50mm
Series KR2516
Compatible XA Series

KR2516 Right Angle Wafer

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Product Type Category Wire to Board
Assembly Type Wafer
Pitch 2.50mm
Product Series KR2516 Series
Configuration Features Number of Rows 1
Number of Positions 2P~15P
Electrical Characteristics Operating Voltage(AC/DC) 250V
Current(Max) 3A
Contact Resistance 10mΩ Max
Insulation Resistance 1000MΩ Min
Physical Characteristics Housing Material PA66,UL94 V-0
Color Grey
PIN Material Brass
PIN Plating Tin over Nickel
Wire/Cable Size (AWG) 22#-28#
Operating Environment Operating Temperature Range -40℃~105℃
Industry Standard UL E482542

Part No. Cross Reference

C2516RD10219T0101PA S02B-XASK-1N-BN 2
C2516RD10319T0101PA S03B-XASK-1N-BN 3
C2516RD10419T0101PA S04B-XASK-1N-BN 4
C2516RD10519T0101PA S05B-XASK-1N-BN 5
C2516RD10619T0101PA S06B-XASK-1N-BN 6
C2516RD10719T0101PA S07B-XASK-1N-BN 7
C2516RD10819T0101PA S08B-XASK-1N-BN 8
C2516RD10919T0101PA S09B-XASK-1N-BN 9
C2516RD11019T0101PA S10B-XASK-1N-BN 10
C2516RD11119T0101PA S11B-XASK-1N-BN 11
C2516RD11219T0101PA S12B-XASK-1N-BN 12
C2516RD11319T0101PA S13B-XASK-1N-BN 13
C2516RD11419T0101PA S14B-XASK-1N-BN 14
C2516RD10219T0102PA S02B-XASK-1 2
C2516RD10319T0102PA S03B-XASK-1 3
C2516RD10419T0102PA S04B-XASK-1 4
C2516RD10519T0102PA S05B-XASK-1 5
C2516RD10619T0102PA S06B-XASK-1 6
C2516RD10719T0102PA S07B-XASK-1 7
C2516RD10819T0102PA S08B-XASK-1 8
C2516RD10919T0102PA S09B-XASK-1 9
C2516RD11019T0102PA S10B-XASK-1 10
C2516RD11119T0102PA S11B-XASK-1 11
C2516RD11219T0102PA S12B-XASK-1 12
C2516RD11319T0102PA S13B-XASK-1 13
C2516RD11419T0102PA S14B-XASK-1 14