KR5081 Series Milli-grid DIP Wire to Board Connector

5081 connector, DIP Wafer, KK 508 Connector System.the KK 508 Connector System, with Glow Wire capability, is ideal for low- to mid-range power applications.

Pitch 5.08mm
Circuits: 2-14pin
Current: 7A
Voltage: 250V


KR5081 Series Milli-grid DIP Wire to Board Connector

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General Specifaction

Material: PA66/UL94/Brass/Phosphor Bronze
Insulation O.D 2.80mm(Max)
Withstanding Voltage: 1500V AC/ minute
Temperature Range: -40℃~+105℃
Contact Resistance: 20mΩ Max
Insulation Resistance: 1000MΩ Min
Product Plating Tin over Nickel


The KR5081 series connectors are the industry’s trusted choice for durable and reliable wire-to-board solutions. Suitable for a wide range of low to medium power applications, these connectors are easy to use with friction lock and polarization features that help prevent mismating.

Environments that require repetitive mating when assembling connectors can also lead to problems such as terminal bounce, which can ultimately lead to end-product failure. the locking mechanism of the KR5081 Series connectors ensures secure mating and helps to prevent terminal reversal during connector assembly. These connectors are also available in a variety of pitch sizes and circuit sizes to meet different design requirements, ensuring suitability for a wide range of electronic assemblies.

These ruggedized connectors can handle higher currents and are equipped with additional safety and retention features, making them ideal for environments that require higher power integrity.The KR5081 series connectors have been designed with the end-user in mind, ensuring a secure connection and simplifying the assembly process across multiple industries.


  • Polarized design

A unique polarized design ensures that plugs and sockets are connected accurately. This design effectively prevents misplugging and mismatching, thus improving system stability and reliability.

  • Outstanding Electrical Performance

Provide excellent electrical performance, including high-current and high-voltage handling. This enables them to meet a variety of demanding application scenarios, such as automotive electronics, medical devices, and industrial automation.

  • High Temperature Resistance

The KR5081 series connectors are compatible with the reflow soldering process and can withstand soldering temperatures up to 250°C. This makes them ideal for lead-free applications. This makes them ideal for lead-free soldering processes and meets the high temperature requirements of modern electronics manufacturing.

  • Design Flexibility

A wide range of optional configurations and customization options are available, such as plugs with invalid pins, custom pin lengths, curved PC solder tails, and more. This design flexibility allows the KR5081 series connectors to adapt to a variety of complex design requirements, providing customized solutions for customers.

  • High Reliability

The double cantilever terminal design of the KR5081 series connectors allows them to maintain a stable connection in high vibration environments. This high reliability makes the KR5081 series connectors the first choice for automotive, aerospace and other applications that require highly reliable connections.

  • High Durability

High-quality materials and manufacturing processes are used to provide excellent durability and long life. This means they can maintain consistent performance over long periods of time, reducing the frequency of repairs and replacements.

  • Easy to install and maintain

The use of an intuitive design makes installation and maintenance easy and convenient. This reduces production costs, increases productivity, and reduces the risk of failure due to installation errors.

  • Wide range of applications

They are used in a wide range of industries, including automotive electronics, medical devices, consumer electronics, and industrial automation. This wide range of applications is a testament to the versatility and adaptability of the KR5081 series connectors.

In summary, the KR5081 series connectors have become one of the favored connector products in the market due to their polarized design, excellent electrical performance, high temperature resistance, design flexibility, high reliability, high durability, ease of installation and maintenance, and wide range of applications.