KR5080 Series 5.08mm Pitch Wire to Wire Connector

PCB connector, 5.08mm Pitch Connection System Header, Straddle Mount, Right-Angle, 4 Circuits, Lead-Free, without PCB Locator Peg.

Pitch 5.08mm
Circuits: 4pin
Current: 10A
Voltage: 250V


KR5080 Series 5.08mm Pitch Wire to Wire Connector

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General Specifaction

Material: PA66/UL94/Brass
Insulation O.D 2.10mm(Max)
Withstanding Voltage: 1500V AC/ minute
Temperature Range: -40℃~+105℃
Contact Resistance: 20mΩ Max
Insulation Resistance: 1000MΩ Min
Product Plating Tin over Nickel


The KR5080 series connector is a replacement for the Molex 8981 (5.08 mm pitch) wire-to-wire connector.The KR5080 series connector comes complete in one package: male housing, female/receptacle housing, and female and male terminals, all precision-fit and durably manufactured to ensure accurate mating. The connectors are available in 4PIN and provide 5.0A for AWG #18-24. Components are housed in high-temperature materials to withstand the high temperatures and vibration of the infrared soldering process.


  • Easy to install and dismantle

Simple design, easy to install and dismantle, no need to use special tools, greatly saving installation time and improving work efficiency.

  • High reliability

Made of high quality materials, it has excellent durability and reliability. Its contactor structure is precisely designed to ensure stable electrical connection and transmission for a long time. The connector is anti-vibration, anti-corrosion, waterproof, etc. It can work stably in various harsh environments, ensuring the reliability of data transmission.

  • Error-proof interconnection system

Offering full keying and color pairing, they enhance user safety while accelerating consumer and industrial interconnect assembly applications. Color-coded housings and unique keying features within plugs and sockets prevent sockets from entering the plug during mismatching, reducing the risk of misuse.

  • High safety performance

Combining a variety of safety features, such as a unique genderless terminal design, reduces inventory and operating costs while increasing the safety of the connection. These connectors also meet scorch wire and low halogen requirements for consumer, industrial and power applications, ensuring safety in use.

  • Broad Applicability

Widely used in industrial, consumer, and medical technology applications such as copiers, security systems, vending machines, HVAC controls, computer power supplies, monitor power supplies, server power supplies, high-speed data transmission and communication equipment.

In summary, KR5080 series connectors have become one of the widely used connectors in electronic equipment and computer equipment due to its advantages of easy installation and removal, high reliability, error-proof interconnection system, multiple types and sizes to choose from, high safety performance, superior electrical performance, and wide range of applicability.