KR2500 Series Mini-SPOX 2.50mm Wire to Board Connector

2.5mm connector, DIP Wafer, ideal for compact applications, this 2.50mm Wire-to-Board Connector System provides electrical and mechanical reliability in a high-temperature design that meets automotive, consumer and industrial industry requirements.

Pitch 2.50mm
Circuits: 2-16pin
Current: 3A
Voltage: 250V


KR2500 Series Mini-SPOX 2.50mm Wire to Board Connector

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General Specifaction

Material: PA66/UL94/Phosphor Bronze/Brass
Insulation O.D 1.6mm Max
Withstanding Voltage: 1000V AC/ minute
Temperature Range: -40℃~+105℃
Contact Resistance: 20mΩ Max
Insulation Resistance: 1000MΩ Min
Product Plating Tin over Nickel


In automotive and industrial applications, frequent exposure to shock, vibration or rough handling can dislodge terminals and cause signal interference, posing a serious challenge to the robustness of the equipment. However, the KR2500 wire-to-board connector series, with its unique friction-lock design, ensures that mating is securely fastened and provides excellent electrical reliability even in harsh environments.

In miniature wire-to-board applications, operators are often faced with misdirected mating, which can lead to impaired performance of the final product. However, the non-rectangular housing shape of the KR2500 series connectors has been cleverly designed to solve this problem and ensure accurate mating orientation.

With the growing demand for components in the consumer and automotive industries, lack of space on PC boards has become a major challenge for designers. With its compact design and secure friction-locking mechanism, the KR2500 Wire-to-Board Series connectors have successfully achieved a very small pitch of 2.50 mm, effectively solving the space limitation problem.

In addition, the KR2500 wire-to-board connector series offers single row connectors for 2 to 15 circuits in both vertical and right-angle configurations to meet diverse connection needs. At the same time, KONNRA also provides a wide range of connector options to cover the connector needs of almost all markets, providing a comprehensive and flexible solution for various industries.


  • High performance electrical connection

Provides low and stable contact resistance to ensure efficient and accurate signal transmission. Superior electrical strength enables the connectors to maintain stable connection performance in a variety of electrical environments.

  • Reliability and Durability

The use of high quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes ensures the reliability and long life of the connectors. The spring-loaded box design effectively protects the mating interface area, minimizing damage caused by improper handling or external environment.

  • Flexible Configuration Options

A wide range of pitch sizes, crimp and IDT housings, plating and pigtail options are available to meet different applications and design requirements. The wide range of configuration options makes it easy for users to find the best connector solution for their specific application.

  • Easy to install and operate

The connector’s clean and simple design makes it easy to install and remove, reducing errors and costs during installation. The polarized key design ensures proper mating and reduces damage and failures due to mis-mating.

  • Excellent environmental performance

With good humidity resistance, impact resistance and other environmental properties, they are able to maintain a stable working condition in harsh working environments. This makes them particularly suitable for automotive, outdoor equipment and other applications with high environmental requirements.

  • Wide range of applications

They are widely used in communication, network, automotive electronics, household appliances and other fields. They provide reliable and efficient connection solutions for a variety of devices and systems to meet the connection needs of different industries.

In summary, the KR2500 series connectors have become the preferred connection solution in many industries due to their high performance electrical connection, reliability and durability, flexible configuration options, ease of installation and operation, excellent environmental performance, and a wide range of application areas.