KR1007 Series SHLD Wire to Board Connector

SHLD connector, SMT Wafer, *Compact, double-row design Mounting height is 5.5mm for side entry type. Just fitting to the high density packaging *Line-up the type with Secure locking device Secure locking device prevents accidental disconnection.

Pitch 1.00mm
Circuits: 2*3-2*25pin
Current: 1A
Voltage: 50V


KR1007 Series SHLD Wire to Board Connector

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General Specifaction

Material: PA66/UL94/LCP/Phosphor Bronze/Copper Alloy
Insulation O.D 0.4 to 0.8mm
Withstanding Voltage: 300V AC/ minute
Temperature Range: -40℃~+105℃
Contact Resistance: 55mΩ Max
Insulation Resistance: 500MΩ Min
Product Plating Gold flash/Tin over Nickel


The KR1007 series connector is a high-performance, high-reliability electronic connector widely used in automotive, communications, consumer electronics and many other fields. This series of connectors is widely recognized in the industry for its miniaturized design, high reliability and superior electrical performance.KR1007 series connectors have compact package size and efficient safety locking device to ensure stable connection performance in a variety of environments. At the same time, its electrical performance is excellent to meet the electrical needs of a variety of electronic devices. KR1007 series connectors are not only easy to install and disassemble, but also has a wide range of applications, for a variety of electronic devices to provide a reliable connection solution.


  • Compact Design

The KR1007 series connectors feature a compact design with a small package size for space-constrained application scenarios. This miniaturized design not only helps reduce the overall device size, but also improves the integration of the device.

  • High Reliability

This series of connectors has excellent reliability and can work stably for a long time to meet the requirements of various harsh application environments. The design takes into account various factors such as vibration, shock, temperature, and humidity to ensure stable connection performance under various conditions.

  • Safety

KR1007 series connectors are typically equipped with a safety locking device that prevents accidental disconnection of the connector, ensuring a stable and secure connection. This design is particularly important in applications where a constant, reliable connection is required.

  • Excellent electrical performance

This series of connectors offers excellent electrical performance, such as high current ratings and low contact resistance. These performance characteristics enable them to meet the electrical requirements of a wide range of electronic devices, ensuring accurate and stable signal transmission.

  • Easy Installation and Removal

KR1007 series connectors are often designed for easy handling, making installation and removal easier. This not only reduces equipment maintenance costs, but also improves work efficiency.

  • Wide range of applications

Due to its superior performance and compact design, the KR1007 series connectors are widely used in a variety of fields, such as automotive, telecommunications, and consumer electronics. These connectors are able to meet the connection needs of various devices and applications, providing a reliable guarantee for the stable operation of electronic devices.