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Good News! Konnra has officially become a member of the IPC Association!

Recently, Dongguan Konnra Electronics Co., LTD. (hereafter this text will be abbreviated as Konnra) has become a member of Institute Of Printed Ciruits after being audited by Institute Of Printed Ciruits.

Member of IPC Association

IPC-Institute Of Printed Ciruits is a global non-profit electronics industry association, IPC is headquartered in Bannockburn, Illinois, USA. Dedicated to enhancing the competitive advantage of more than 5,000 member companies, the member companies in all aspects of the electronics industry chain, including design, printed circuit boards, electronic assembly, OEM and test.

Konnra, founded in 2004, is a connector solution provider specializing in the design, development, production and sales of electronic connectors and wiring harness solutions. We are committed to providing customers with optimal connectivity solutions and strive to become the preferred supplier for customers worldwide. Our products are involved in new energy vehicles, new energy storage, industrial equipment, data centers, consumer electronics, smart home, medical equipment and other fields.

Dongguan Konnra Electronics Co., LTD.

By joining IPC, Konnra will implement the IPC-620 international electronics industry standard for guiding the assembly of wire harnesses and cables in electronic assembly and connector manufacturing processes. Ensure that electrical connectors and wire harnesses are properly installed, connected and tested to meet quality and reliability requirements.

Konnra connector KR2021 CPA connector

IPC-620 covers a wide range of manufacturing and installation standards for connectors and wire harnesses, including material selection, harness layout, connection technology, connector installation, and wire harness testing. This standard is widely used in fields such as electronics manufacturing and aerospace, and will further contribute to Konnra’s rapid growth in fields such as connectors.

The IPC-620 standard for factories helps to improve product quality, production efficiency, safety and security, and customer satisfaction, and provides important support for the sustainable development of factories. The employees will learn through the standard IPC training program, which will help them understand the IPC standard accurately and consistently, and apply it correctly to their daily electronic service manufacturing work.

Konnra has become a member of IPC, which marks its active embrace of international standards, international integration in the manufacturing industry, and the integration of electronic manufacturing services with international standards. Through the IPC, the company will participate more actively in the industry’s technical exchanges and keep abreast of the international electronics industry’s market and technology trends.

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