The company takes technology as the guide, according to IATF16949 product development process, KONNRA R & D has a rich experience of the core team, and constantly improve to meet customer needs oriented; Carry out technological transformation and equipment innovation; The introduction of Germany, Japan and other high precision production equipment, customized efficient assembly, simple integrated automatic equipment, improve the company’s product design, mold development and manufacturing strength; Apply for dozens of patents for inventions, new types of objects and designs every year; Has successfully developed a variety of new products in the field of connectors, with more than 30 related patents.

Our company is the only one in China that can produce new connectors in large quantities at the same time to provide customers with a total solution. In the future, Conrey Electronics will continue to strengthen core technology research and development, and continue to provide customers with high-quality solutions and technical services.

high-tech products
years connector research and development
R&d investment of total turnover
industry patents

Senior industry experience

Connector professional supplier, more than 22 years industry experience

Sell at home and abroad

Rich experience in mass production and supply, serving customers at home and abroad

Multiple invention patents

International leading technology connector technology, a number of invention patents

Excellent quality

Unique processing technology, greatly improve production efficiency, excellent quality