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When it’s time to go on a trip, the secret to ensuring that your outdoor energy storage power supply works safely!

Spring is in full swing and all the flowers are in full bloom. The outdoor tourism boom is also heating up. Outdoor activities such as self-driving tours and camping picnics have become popular choices for people seeking leisure and relaxation. The outdoor energy storage power supply also stands out for its portability and practicality, and is loved and sought after by more and more people.

The Connector Challenge in Energy Storage

In this context, how to accomplish the fast and safe charging of cameras, cell phones, tablets, drones, camping lights, outdoor projectors and other electronic devices by outdoor energy storage power devices is becoming a major challenge.

Efficient and safe

With a minimum pitch of only 0.8mm, KONNRA outdoor energy storage connectors are suitable for use in tight installation spaces within outdoor energy storage power supplies. The conductor of the product is made of phosphor bronze and brass, with excellent conductivity to ensure the efficient transmission of electric energy, which can meet the demand of rapid charging and discharging of outdoor energy storage power supply.

Flame retardant and high temperature resistant

The UL94 I V0 rating is one of the standards for evaluating the ability of plastic materials to self-extinguish when subjected to an ignition source. KONNRA Outdoor Energy Storage Series connectors have a UL94 I V0 flame retardant rating, which allows them to extinguish quickly after ignition. KONNRA will implement IPC-620 international electronics industry standards to ensure the proper installation, connection and testing of electrical connectors and wiring harnesses, which guarantees the quality of the product, so that the passage of high currents will not cause the connector to produce thermal effects, thus ensuring the safe operation of outdoor energy storage power supplies.

In the future, KONNRA will continue to adhere to the market demand-oriented, focusing on technology research and development. We will develop high-quality connector products to ensure the safety of smart devices and contribute to the development of the energy storage industry.


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