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Waterproof connector waterproof technical characteristics analysis: summed up 4 points

Because the application scenario of the connector will inevitably have water intrusion, such as outdoor workshops, medical places and so on. Therefore, the connectors used in these scenarios should choose industrial waterproof connectors. Now let’s talk about the waterproof technical characteristics of the waterproof connector.

Waterproof technology refers to the various measures taken in the design and manufacture of waterproof connectors to prevent the connector from being eroded, damaged or failed by water or wet environments. The waterproof technology of waterproof connectors mainly includes the following aspects:

01 Selection of sealing materials

The sealing part of the waterproof connector needs to use sealing materials with good water resistance, such as silicone, fluorine rubber and so on. These materials have high aging resistance, heat resistance and weather resistance.

02 Design of sealing structure

The sealing structure of the waterproof connector should be as simple as possible to reduce the risk of water leakage in the sealing part. At the same time, the sealing structure is strict, and different application scenarios need to use different sealing structures, such as O-ring, clamp seal, injection seal and so on.

03 Waterproof Test

The waterproof connector needs to verify the waterproof performance of the connector after the design is completed by simulating the water pressure in the actual use environment for testing, water temperature and other conditions. The test results are helpful for designers to further optimize the sealing structure and material selection.

04 Surface treatment

The waterproof performance of the waterproof connector can be improved by coating the surface with waterproof paint or using surface treatment methods such as electroplating.

In short, connector waterproofing technology is a system engineering that needs to be based on materials, structural design and testing. In practical applications, appropriate waterproof technology and products should be selected according to the needs of different scenarios.

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