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The introduction of advanced production equipment to help the company’s “intelligent manufacturing” new development

With each passing day, keep pace with The Times! Adhering to the purpose of meeting customer needs and exceeding customer expectations as the goal, on April 8, 2022, Dongguan Kangrui Electronics Co., Ltd. once again introduced a batch of “Japan” brand electric high-speed injection molding machines, which are suitable for the production of plastic products such as thin, small, precise and high-end performance in the demand of customers and future scientific and technological development. The investment of new equipment will greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises. Ensure product quality!

In recent years, Dongguan Kangrui Electronics Co., Ltd. continues to expand investment, the introduction of various advanced production equipment: 25-50T “gantry punch” 12 sets, Japan 50-100T “Fanco injection molding machine” 28 sets, automatic assembly machine & packaging machine 120 sets, CCD detection machine 60 sets, fully realize the intelligent connector, integration, with leap-forward development to meet the new height of enterprise competitiveness.

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