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Product Interpretation|Differentiation of Automotive Connector Types

Low-voltage connectors/Low-speed connectors

Connectors are mainly used in critical areas such as ECUs (Electronic Control Units), sensors, etc. Their low voltage characteristics are characterized by currents in the range of a few amperes (A) and voltages up to 60 volts (V). These connectors consist of plastic parts, terminals (including signal and power terminals) and seals.

KR1507 Series Clik Mate Single Row Electrical End Connectors
KR1507 Series Clik Mate Single Row Electrical End Connectors

Technical barriers to Low-voltage connectors

  • Patent barriers: Overseas manufacturers due to the first-mover advantage, a number of core technologies have constituted patent barriers, new entrants to bypass the patent barriers to design, R & D and manufacturing will need to invest in new technology to explore higher costs.
  • Production and technical requirements: Low-voltage connectors need to have good electrical conductivity, reliable contact performance and strong durability, automotive Low-voltage connectors require high-precision manufacturing process to ensure the stability and reliability of the connector. This includes precise mold design, high-quality material selection and strict production control processes.
  • Design and R & D capabilities: with the development of automotive electronics, intelligent, Low-voltage connectors need to continuously adapt to new technologies and application requirements. This requires companies to have a strong design and R & D capabilities, can continue to introduce new products to meet market demand.
  • Environmental protection and sustainability requirements: With the global environmental awareness, Low-voltage connectors need to meet environmental protection and sustainability requirements in the manufacturing and use process. This includes reducing the use of hazardous substances, improve product recyclability, reduce energy consumption. Enterprises need to invest in research and development resources to develop new materials and new technologies that meet environmental standards.
Automotive Connectors
Automotive Connectors

High-voltage connectors

It mainly meets the needs of motorization and consists of components such as terminals, seals, plastic parts and die-cast parts.

Technical barriers to high-voltage connectors

  • Balancing current-carrying capacity and temperature rise. High-voltage connector generated heat and current have a relationship, the higher the current generates more heat, the general requirements of the temperature rise increment can not be higher than 50 degrees, the total temperature reaches 105 degrees will be cut off, but some car manufacturers will limit the current at 90 degrees, so in fact, can not be a high sustained use of high power charging. How to maintain the current-carrying capacity to improve, but not let the temperature rise increment is too large in the design of the main consideration. Cooling is mainly considered in the connector products with and liquid cooling device.
  • EMC ;
  • Anti-stress relaxation, thermal stress relaxation;
  • High voltage protection design;
  • Design simulation test capabilities;
  • High vibration requirements.

High-speed connectors

Meet the needs of automotive assisted driving, intelligent driving, and car networking. The classification of automotive high-speed connectors can be divided into: Fakra (male + female), MiniFakra, Ethernet connectors, HSD connectors. Camera will use Fakra, MiniFakra, T-Box to domain control will use Ethernet and HSD, LIDAR will use Ethernet connector, head-up display will use differential connector.

Technical barriers to High-speed connectors

  • Electromagnetic and microwave convenience performance requirements, including impedance, EMC, touch-wave ratio, return loss, etc.
  • Thermal stress relaxation, stress relaxation resistance and other terminal design requirements.

Advantages of KONNRA

  • Advantages of Precision Manufacturing: to protect the mechanical properties, electrical properties, environmental simulation, environmental protection testing and other types of precision testing equipment more than 60 units, able to provide end-products in various industries, material selection, performance testing and verification needs; measurement equipment for regular system analysis, to ensure that the accuracy of the equipment and bias for product design, R & D process, the production process control can be quickly to provide data support in all aspects. KONNRA connectors have achieved 95% of the full-intelligence visualization of CCD inspection coverage, the choice of imported “Mitsubishi Panasonic” PLC control system, FA25-35mm optical lens, 5 million cameras, equipped with visual inspection software, automotive connectors, 100% of the series of CCD testing, and strive for zero defects.

CCD inspection

  • Advantage of design and R&D: Stable R&D team, with independent product R&D center, engineering R&D center and CNAS China accredited laboratory, gathered a large number of senior R&D and testing personnel in the field of automotive, new energy energy storage, consumer electronics, data centers, industrial equipment, medical equipment and other fields. Among them, there are 30 R&D personnel, accounting for 10% of the total number of employees. With the vision of “Leading Connector Solution Provider”, KONNRA is continuously increasing its investment in R&D and equipment. The hardware and software equipment covers reverse analysis, R&D and design, mold manufacturing, functional testing, and has the ability to design according to market demand and customize according to customer requirements.

Advantage of design and R&D

  • Advantage of standards and certificates: KONNRA won the national high-tech enterprises, Dongguan Chamber of Commerce, members of the public welfare advanced unit, business integrity enterprise certification, UL product safety and operational safety certification, ISO9001 product quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, IATF16949 automotive quality system certification, ISO13458, IPC620 etc. to ensure product safety and interoperability.

standards and certificates

  • Advantage of production capacity and delivery: monthly production capacity of 60kk+. Has FANUC high precision plastic injection molding machine more than 40 sets, while with hot runner molds, automation coverage of 95% up to more than reduce artificial fatigue & personnel costs, improve production efficiency and enhance quality, warehouse storage of raw materials and connector finished products, to ensure that the production of high-speed response to ensure product quality and delivery stability.

Production equipment

  • Brand influence: KONNRA connectors and BYD, Geely, Volkswagen, HELLA, Huawei, Xiaomi and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises to cooperate, KONNRA connectors by the customer’s unanimous praise, in the future will be further in-depth cooperation with major brands. KONNRA has won the affirmation and trust of international famous enterprises with its integrated service, through quality, price and delivery.
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