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What is wire-to-board connector

Wire-to-board connector is a device used to connect a circuit board to wires. It usually consists of two parts, a metal pin that plugs into a hole in the circuit board and a connector that clamps the wires. Wire-to-board connectors are used in a variety of applications, such as consumer electronics like televisions and computers, as well as industrial applications like automotive and avionics.

KR1507 single and dual row wire to board connector with lock
KR1507 single and dual row wire to board connector with lock

First, the basic principle of wire-to-board connectors

Wire-to-board connectors are used to realize the connection between the circuit board and the wires in the form of pins and sockets. The pins are metal pins fixed to the circuit board and the sockets are metal slots fixed to the wires. When the pins are inserted into the socket, the metal pins make contact with the metal slots, thus realizing the connection of the circuit.

The design of wire-to-board connectors requires that the shape and size of the pins and sockets match to ensure a stable and reliable connection.

Wire-to-Board Connectors
Wire-to-Board Connectors


Second, the main types of wire-to-board connectors

There are many types of wire-to-board connectors, according to different application requirements and use of the environment, you can choose the right type of connector. Here are a few common types of wire-to-board connectors.

  1. Spring contact connector: This type of connector uses spring to realize the connection between pins and sockets, which has good contact performance and reliability. It is suitable for occasions that require frequent plugging and unplugging, such as test instruments, measuring equipment, etc.
  2. Crimp connector: This connector uses metal sheet or spring to realize the connection of pins and sockets, and realizes the connection of circuits by pressing the pins and sockets. It is suitable for applications requiring fixed connections and stable performance, such as power sockets, sensors, etc.
  3. IDC Connector: IDC stands for Insulation Displacement Connection. This type of connector connects the wire to the socket by stripping the insulation from the wire, inserting the bare wire into the socket, and using the blade on the socket to connect the wire to the socket. It is suitable for mass production and quick installation, such as televisions and computers.

Wire-to-Board Connector Schematic

Third, the advantages of wire-to-board connectors

  1. Excellent Reliability: Through the use of metal pins and slot tight connection, wire to board connectors ensure excellent contact performance and stability, thus realizing the high reliability of the circuit connection.
  2. Ease of Maintenance: The plug-and-play design of the wire-to-board connector makes the connection between the circuit board and the wires easy and quick, which greatly improves the maintenance and replacement efficiency of the equipment.
  3. Strong adaptability: In order to meet the needs of different applications, wire to board connectors provide a variety of types and specifications to choose from, can be flexibly adapted to the connection requirements of a variety of equipment.
  4. High-quality connections: Thanks to their unique pressure contact mechanism, wire-to-board connectors ensure a solid and reliable connection, providing users with a high-quality connection experience.
  5. Long-lasting durability: wire-to-board connectors have a long service life due to their excellent resistance to vibration and corrosion, and their ability to maintain stable performance in a variety of environments.
KR2021 Series Mini50 Wire to Board CPA Car Connector
KR2021 Series Mini50 Wire to Board CPA Car Connector

Fourth, the use of wire to board connector precautions

  1. Confirm the connector specifications and the correct insertion direction before installation;
  2. Pay attention to the angle of the plug when inserting to avoid deformation or damage to the pins;
  3. Wire to board connectors can not be any disassembly or repair, if the connection is poor, the connector should be replaced in a timely manner.

Fifth, Why choose KONNRA Wire-to-Board Connectors

  • High throughput and stability: With its supporting production capacity of over 60kk+ per month, KONNRA Electronics ensures the efficient fulfillment of large-scale orders. The company has more than 40 sets of FANUC high-precision plastic injection molding machine, combined with hot runner molds, to achieve up to 95% or more automation coverage. This not only greatly reduces labor fatigue and personnel costs, but also significantly improves production efficiency and product quality. In addition, KONNRA warehouse stores abundant raw materials and finished connector products to ensure the stability of supply, so that customers do not need to worry about the supply problem.
  • Excellent and stable quality: Stable quality is the key to the success of any product. KONNRA electronic implementation of strict quality control measures, more than 60 sets of various types of precision testing equipment, full-intelligence visualization of the CCD inspection coverage, the use of imported “Mitsubishi Panasonic” PLC control system, FA25-35mm optical lens, 5 million cameras, equipped with visual inspection software section, to ensure that the quality and performance of the wire-to-board connectors .

Fully-intelligent visualized CCD inspection

  • Excellent Customization Capability: KONNRA Electronics stands out for its excellent customization service capability. We have an independent product R&D center, engineering R&D center, and have been certified by CNAS China Accredited Laboratory. We have gathered a group of senior R&D and testing personnel with rich experience and expertise in automotive, new energy storage, consumer electronics, data center, industrial equipment, medical equipment and other fields. Our hardware and software equipment covers reverse analysis, R&D design, mold manufacturing, functional testing and other aspects, ensuring that we can independently design and provide customized solutions that are more in line with actual needs according to market demand and customer requirements.

KONNRA Laboratory

  • Strong brand influence: KONNRA connectors have won the affirmation and trust of many famous enterprises at home and abroad in terms of quality, price, delivery and other aspects, thanks to its excellent integrated services. Our customers cover Huawei, Xiaomi, Midea, DJI, Hello, BYD, Geely, Volkswagen, HELLA and other industry leaders, the recognition of these partners fully proved the professional strength and market influence of KONNRA connectors in the field of connectors.
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