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Medical device technology development status and trend.

1) Status quo

With the deepening of the aging population and the changes of the current living environment, the proportion of sick people is increasing, and the demand for medical equipment in hospitals is also increasing. Some high-end devices such as MRI and CT scanning have also been widely used in hospitals, which can accurately and quickly diagnose patients and play an irreplaceable role in the treatment of diseases.

With the rapid development of information technology, medical equipment are no longer traditional independent individuals, it gradually began to integrate with the Internet, AI and other new technologies. One example is the emergence of telemedicine technology, which can help doctors manage patients through remote communication.

1) Future trends


Medical equipment technology will show the following trends in the future:

First of all, medical equipment technology will become more and more intelligent, artificial intelligence technology has made major breakthroughs to accelerate the process of intelligence, so the future of medical equipment will be able to better assist the treatment of doctors, better serve patients. At present, medical imaging diagnosis system has been able to accurately identify some tumor lesions, which is expected to become an important tool for doctors.

Further more, with the continuous innovation of technology, daily wearable medical monitoring devices will be more widely used. These devices can obtain people’s physiological parameters, such as heart rate, blood pressure, etc., real-time monitoring of people’s physical conditions and early warning of abnormal states, so as to facilitate effective prevention between diseases. In the future, daily wearable medical equipment will enter thousands of households and become an indispensable partner for people.

Last but no least, virtual reality technology will also be better applied in medical equipment, can use this technology to create a realistic virtual environment, for doctors to simulate and practice surgery to provide a platform, in order to better treat patients, patients can be more assured.

KR0800 0.8mm pitch IDC wire to board connector

2.The significance of medical equipment connectors for medical equipment

1) What is a medical equipment connector?

A medical equipment connector is a component used to connect medical devices and devices, usually made of materials such as plastic, metal, or rubber. MedTech connectors can be connected to various medical equipment and equipment, such as infusion tubes, oxygen tubes, blood pressure monitors, electrocardiogram machines, etc., to achieve data transmission and material delivery between medical equipment. MedTech connectors are usually leak-proof, anti-contamination, easy to clean and disinfect to ensure the safety and hygiene of medical equipment.

The upstream of the medical device industry chain includes basic raw materials such as plastics, rubber, and steel, as well as electronic components, software, optical fiber, optical glass, etc., and the downstream is mainly medical institutions and household consumers.


2) The importance of medical equipment connectors

In today’s era, medical devices are evolving toward convenience, and the way these devices are connected is also constantly changing, in order to meet the changing application needs, such as harsh environments, high reliability, and so on, innovative connector design and connection technology play an increasingly important role in these devices.

Medical systems require the same high reliability as industrial systems, but they face unique challenges where failure or unreliable operation can put lives at risk. Some examples include: Materials suitable for medical connectors are often specified to prevent bacterial growth and ensure that the connected system can withstand sterilization or disinfection procedures. Connectors in medical systems may have to carry high voltage, optical links, fluids, and power and signal lines. Moisture resistance, cable management, and ergonomics are often important in medical device design.

Medical equipment has a high demand for reliability, but general electronic equipment does not need such a high demand for reliability. Diagnostic medical equipment can be used to measure the patient’s temperature, monitor heart activity and blood pressure, draw electrocardiogram, etc. The results are related to the patient’s life, so medical equipment naturally has a very high requirement for the accuracy of the test results. Ordinary connectors on the market can not meet the high requirements of medical equipment, the performance of ordinary connectors can not guarantee the accuracy of medical equipment, often there are frequent problems, such as data loss, detection errors, large errors, high equipment failure rate. The above situation will not only lead to more maintenance times and expensive maintenance, and even have a great impact on doctors’ diagnosis and patients’ health problems, often a small error will cause fatal problems.

Therefore, the performance of the connector must be adapted to the medical equipment and can withstand the extremely high requirements of the equipment, if not, a bad situation will occur, that is, the diagnosis is wrong so that the patient is not treated correctly.

KR3000 3.0mm pitch connector with lock

2)Benefits of KONNRA connectors

In the medical field, the role played by the connector is crucial, and only the use of excellent connectors in medical equipment can guarantee the safety of patients. The performance of the connector is often related to the voltage and current of the cable, antibacterial ability, waterproof ability, service life, reuse ability and heat resistance and cold resistance.

KONNRA connectors have always adhered to the perfection of product quality and performance for ten years, KONNRA’s products have passed a variety of international certifications, such as ISO13485, ISO10012, ISO14001, ISO9001, UL.

Our specially developed connectors in the medical field are made of materials that are very durable and high temperature resistant, with strong corrosion resistance, strong waterproof and antibacterial ability, precise design and excellent performance, which can meet the needs of a variety of medical equipment.

KONNRA connector involves medical equipment: X-ray machine, CT scan, electrocardiogram machine, electroencephalogram machine, EMG machine, monitor, anesthesia machine, ventilator, blood cell analyzer, differentiation analyzer, enzyme label instrument, washing machine, urine analyzer, ultrasound machine, X-ray machine, nuclear magnetic resonance and so on.

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