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Konnra Connector sincerely invites you to visit the 2024 China Smart Electric Vehicle Technology and Supply Chain Exhibition

Dongguan Konnra Connector Co., Ltd. is honored to participate in the exhibition!
Dear industry colleagues:
Thank you for your attention and support for Konnra Connector. We are honored to announce that Dongguan Konnra Connector Co., Ltd. will participate in the 2024 China Intelligent Electric Vehicle Technology and Supply Chain Exhibition. Here, we are full of enthusiasm and expectations, We sincerely invite you to participate in our upcoming 2024 China Smart Electronics Exhibition. We hope that through this exhibition, we can share the cutting-edge trends of the connector industry with you and jointly plan for the future development blueprint.

Exhibition details are as follows:
Exhibition name: 2024 China Smart Electric Vehicle Technology and Supply Chain Exhibition
Date: March 13-15, 2024
Location: Chongqing International Exhibition Center
Our booth: A27/28

Our highlights:
1. Advanced connector technology: Showcasing the latest technological achievements of Kangrui Connectors to facilitate the connection and transmission of smart electric vehicles.
2. Supply chain cooperation negotiations: We look forward to in-depth docking, jointly exploring future cooperation opportunities, and promoting continuous innovation in the industry.
3. Professional team reception: Our professional team will provide you with detailed product information and solutions at any time.

Why choose Konnra connector?
1. Technology leadership: We have leading connector technology to provide reliable connection solutions for smart electric vehicles.
2. Global supply chain: Konnra Connectors has established a solid supply chain network around the world to ensure timely delivery.
3. Customer first: We always adhere to the principle of customer first and are committed to providing customers with the best connector solutions.

Make an appointment for consultation/negotiation:
Weekly worker: 15370079692
Dongguan Konnra Headquarters Address: No. 6, Nanchang South Road, Chijiao, Wangniudun Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
Chongqing Branch Address: A4-16, Optics Valley Intelligent Innovation Park, No. 35 Jingyang Road, University Town, Shapingba District, Chongqing

In this exhibition, Konnra Connector will discuss with you the application and development of connector technology in the field of smart electric vehicles. Welcome customers and friends to visit and exchange, share the dazzling feast of wisdom and innovation with you, and jointly open a new chapter of cooperation!



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