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In the road to intelligentization of two-wheeled electric vehicles, small connectors are the key?

With the rapid development of society and the increasing awareness of environmental protection, two-wheeled electric vehicles have occupied a pivotal position in our lives. With the popularization of intelligence, functions such as mobile phone app startup, GPS positioning, and all-weather vehicle monitoring have increasingly become “intelligent standard features” for two-wheeled electric vehicles, which also puts forward higher requirements for the hardware facilities of two-wheeled electric vehicles.


In the development process of two-wheeled electric vehicles, connectors are important electrical connection components, and their performance has a vital impact on the safety, reliability, durability, earthquake resistance, and waterproofness of the entire vehicle. As two-wheeled electric vehicles move towards the intelligent era, the resulting improved experience and safety risks have put forward higher requirements for the industry.

KR4200 mini fit 4.2 pitch 5557 wire to wire board connector

Small connectors make a big difference

Connectors not only connect various electronic components, but are related to the performance and safety of two-wheeled electric vehicles. They are also the information transmission hub in intelligent systems. It also needs to have the characteristics of low temperature rise and strong earthquake resistance to ensure that the performance of two-wheeled electric vehicles will not be affected by rising temperatures, bumpy roads, and heavy rain during long-term use.

KR2012 PHB 2.0 wire to board electronic connector


KR1000 SH 1.0 wire to board small pcb connector

Two-wheeled electric vehicles are subject to shock and vibration while driving, and these conditions may cause terminals to fall off and signal interference. Konnra’s two-wheeled electric vehicle series connectors have exclusive locks that provide firm mating retention. The high retention force of the product can improve the quality and reliability of two-wheeled electric vehicles in harsh environments.


As an expert in the connector field, Konnra Connector has 20 years of experience in connector R&D and manufacturing, and provides a variety of connection solutions for electric vehicle companies such as Haro. In the production and installation of two-wheeled electric vehicles, if the connector becomes loose, it will eventually lead to product failure. Konnra is designed with an inertia lock function, which requires greater insertion force in the early stages of the mating process, thereby ensuring a stronger connection and greatly The reliability of the connection is improved and the service life of the connector is extended.

KR2017 Dura Clik 2.0 TPA vehicle connector

Better electrical contact reliability and plugging stability, able to maintain stable working conditions under high vibration. Konnra’s two-wheel electric vehicle series connectors are also excellent in cold and heat resistance, and can stably maintain product performance at -40°~+125° to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle’s electrical system.


The conductors are made of high-quality phosphor bronze and brass, and their excellent electrical conductivity ensures efficient transmission of electrical energy. The surface treatment of the plastic shell of the product has a flame retardant rating of UL94-V0, and it can quickly self-extinguish after being ignited.

Konnra connectors have gradually become the first choice for two-wheeled electric vehicles due to their excellent performance, quality standards that comply with multiple international certifications, and innovative design concepts. The era of smart two-wheeled electric vehicles has arrived. Konnra Connectors will continue to develop new connector technologies to meet the market’s increasing demand for two-wheeled electric vehicle connector performance to ensure more convenient, stable and safe riding.

KR2014-PA-2.0-Pitch-smt-wafer-wire-to-board-connector-with-lock-300x238-1 KR3000-Micro-fit-3.0-dual-row-wire-to-wire-connector-with-lock-300x232-1

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