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How much do you know about the automotive industry?

Dongguan Konnra Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. It is an electronic connector manufacturer focusing on low-voltage connector product design, mold development, production and sales. Its products include wire-to-wire connectorswire-to-board connectors, TPA connectors, CPA connectors, FPC series connectors, etc. KONNRA mainly focuses on new electric vehicles, energy storage, smart homes, smart security, smart medical, consumer electronics, industrial control and other fields.


Automobiles have always been an important market for the electronic connector industry. In recent years, the new energy vehicle industry has shown explosive growth. The development of new energy vehicle power systems and intelligent wiring harness systems has further expanded the demand for automotive connectors. The report pointed out that the automotive connector market size will grow from US$6.71 billion in 2023 to US$8.38 billion.

KONNRA automotive connector

Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, the electrical system and intelligent network connection system of electric vehicles place higher requirements on the performance of electronic connectors. The connectors required for new energy vehicles are different from traditional automotive connectors. They need to continuously optimize internal structural components according to different application scenarios. The car will vibrate during operation, and if the internal connector is not locked, it will fall off. But from the internal structure, even if there is a lock, the vibration resistance is not high and cannot meet the needs of the industry. Therefore, KONNRA will continue to update and iterate on the original basis, and has now developed into its fourth generation product.


Currently, KONNRA mainly focuses on the field of car light connectors. KONNRA automotive light connector products have gone through four stages of development.


The first generation is mainly a plug-in car light connector, with compact structure and high reliability. Mainly used to meet basic connection needs. The second generation is the “reinforced external buckle” car light connector, which adds an external buckle to the original. Optimized design prevents mis-insertion and facilitates complete mating.

KR2014 2.0mm pitch wire to board connector with lock

The third generation is the car light connector, which has strong internal buckle protection and protects the safety interlocking of the male and female “secondary lock anti-reverse ordinary type”. The external TPA can effectively prevent the terminal from exiting and further enhance the stability of the product.

KR2017 2.0mm pitch TPA connector with 2 lock

The fourth generation is the CPA&TPA car light connector currently launched by KONNRA. The built-in buckle structure can prevent the male and female ends from being separated due to accidental collision, thereby further ensuring that the male and female ends remain interlocked in place. In addition, KONNRA’s fourth-generation car light connectors can help locate terminals and detect incompletely inserted terminals. It is worth noting that compared with the third-generation external TPA, KONNRA’s current flagship product is the fourth-generation product, which has a hidden TPA structure that can achieve force balance between points and further improve the stability of the product.

KR2021 2.0mm hybrid CPA TPA type connector

Although the explosive growth of new energy vehicles has brought market growth to the electronic connector industry, new opportunities also contain new challenges. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles pursue lighter weight in the overall wiring harness device, and also put forward higher requirements for connector performance. With the advancement of lightweight vehicles, the system installation space of new energy vehicles will become smaller and smaller in the future. Therefore, the connector must realize the transmission of high current and high frequency signals on the basis of meeting the thin and light design requirements. At the same time, they must reach new levels in terms of vibration resistance, high temperature resistance and holding power.


KONNRA Electronic Connectors continues to actively build scientific research and engineering teams to continuously develop the high temperature resistance and maintaining strength of new energy vehicle connectors. With the goal of meeting the current needs of customers, predicting the future development needs of connectors, we are committed to providing personalized product design and solutions.

In the face of opportunities and challenges, KONNRA Electronic Connectors is still full of confidence in the future and has begun to set its sights on broader emerging fields such as medical care and energy storage, and has also achieved good results. In April this year, KONNRA obtained medical manufacturing system certification in the medical field, and also deployed scientific research and engineering teams to implement product research and development in energy storage.

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