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Definition and classification of energy storage

I. Definition and classification of energy storage


In a broad sense, energy storage is energy storage, which refers to the cycle process of storing a form of energy with the same or converted into another form of energy through a medium or device, and releasing it in a specific form of energy based on future applications. In a narrow sense, energy storage refers to the storage of electrical energy, that is, a series of technologies and measures that use chemical or physical methods to store the generated energy and release it when needed.

According to different storage media and technical routes, energy storage is mainly divided into mechanical energy storage, electrochemical energy storage, electromagnetic energy storage, thermal energy storage, hydrogen energy storage five categories, of which mechanical energy storage includes pumped storage, compressed air energy storage, flywheel energy storage, gravity energy storage, electrochemical energy storage includes lithium-ion batteries, lead batteries, sodium ion batteries, flow batteries, etc. Electromagnetic energy storage includes supercapacitor energy storage,superconducting energy storage and so on.

II. Development status of energy storage industry

According to Zhongguancun Energy storage Industry Technology Alliance data, by the end of 2022, the cumulative installed capacity of energy storage projects that have been put into operation in the world is 237.2GW, an increase of 14.9% from 2021. After the global cumulative installed capacity exceeded 200GW in 2021, it will maintain a rapid growth trend in 2022.

Since 2022, the global energy supply and demand pattern has entered a stage of adjustment, and more and more countries have listed energy storage as a necessary option to accelerate their clean energy transformation. According to the data of Zhongguancun Energy storage Industry Technology Alliance (CNESA), the installed capacity of new power storage projects in the world will be 30.7GW in 2022, an increase of 98% year-on-year, of which the new energy storage operation scale will reach 20.4GW. China, Europe and the United States continue to lead the global energy storage market, accounting for 86% of the global market.

The United States, China and the European Union will become the three largest energy storage markets in the world. The International Energy Agency predicts that global energy storage capacity will grow by 56% in the next five years, reaching about 270GW by 2026.

III. The importance of energy storage connectors

1.The significance of secure connections for energy storage

Under the background of the rapid development of the lithium energy storage industry, safety issues have become one of the pain points of its large-scale development, and the ultimate manifestation of this safety hazard is fire. It can be seen that safety is crucial for energy storage, and the consequences of not being responsible for safety will eventually feed back to people.

The energy storage box has made statistics on the safety accidents of energy storage power stations, and in the 10 years from 2012 to 2022, there have been 54 energy storage power station fire and explosion accidents in the world (7 in China). If you count the global household energy storage safety incidents, it is far more than that.

This may be related to the system defects of the energy storage lithium battery itself, such as short circuit and thermal management failure; It may also be related to the management system and connection system outside the energy storage lithium battery, and the temperature rise of the connector used by the energy storage battery will have a certain impact on the battery.

2.The role of energy storage connector

Easy maintenance and replacement. The energy storage connector is repairable and replaceable, which can be easily repaired and replaced when the connector has a problem, reducing the waste and environmental impact of used and damaged connectors.

Improve system security and reliability. The energy storage connector has functions such as secondary locking and 360° blind insertion, which can ensure the stability and security of the connection, reduce faults and security risks, and improve the security and reliability of the system.

Versatility and compatibility. Energy storage connectors can be matched with multiple types of battery packs and circuit boards to support different voltage and current requirements, with high compatibility and versatility.

Suitable for different fields of application. Energy storage connectors can be used in different fields, such as chemical energy storage systems, household energy storage systems, photovoltaic power stations, wind power stations, etc., to meet the application needs of different fields.


I. Benefits of KONNRA connector

KONNRA Electronics has more than 20 years of experience in the field of connectors, and has a professional laboratory of connectors, more than 50 domestic and foreign testing equipment, which can realize the environmental simulation performance, reliability and environmental protection of electronic connectors, do comprehensive test monitoring and control, management, we strive for excellence, and improve the level of stringent international standards. Has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, IATF16949 automobile production parts and related service parts organization quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, products through the North American UL/CUL certification.

KONNRA energy storage connectors feature high integration, high reliability, high performance and fast connection. Its advantages are reflected in: 1.The connector will be more and more integrated, and the connector will integrate more functions, such as temperature sensors, vibration sensors, safety switches, etc., to improve the safety and reliability of the battery system. 2.KONNRA connectors can work in harsh environments, such as high temperature, humidity, vibration, etc., so it has high reliability and anti-interference ability to ensure the stable operation of the system. Our connectors use more advanced materials and manufacturing processes, such as high temperature sealing technology, welding technology, metal injection molding technology, etc. 3.The connector adopts more advanced conductive materials and structural design to improve current carrying capacity and transmission speed, and reduce energy loss. 4.KONNRA connectors are quick to connect and easy to remove to facilitate battery pack replacement, maintenance and upgrade.

The connector is an indispensable part of energy storage technology, and its development will directly affect the overall development of energy storage technology. The future KONNRA energy storage connector will develop in the direction of high reliability, high integration, high performance, modularity, miniaturization and intelligence, keep up with and even promote the rapid development of energy storage technology, and make positive contributions to the future of low-carbon environmental protection for mankind.


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