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Consumer electronics is expected to recover, what opportunities will electronic connectors have?

  1. Current status of the consumer electronics industry

The pace of development of the consumer electronics industry, dominated by smartphones and notebook computers, has slowed down and has gradually fallen into the problem of insufficient creativity. Users’ enthusiasm for changing their mobile phones has also gradually declined, and consumer electronics has gradually changed from fast-moving consumer goods to durable consumer goods.

According to data from the research agency Canalys, the global smartphone market shipments in the first quarter and second quarter of 2023 were more than 270 million units and 258 million units respectively, a year-on-year decrease of 13% and 10% respectively; while the first quarter and second quarter of 2023 In the second quarter, domestic smartphone market shipments were only 67.6 million units and 64.3 million units, down 11% and 5% respectively year-on-year. According to TechInsights data, global laptop shipments plummeted 30% in the first quarter of 2023, hitting a new low since 2020.

  1. The future status of the consumer electronics industry

Of course, the downturn will not last forever. As past inventories are consumed, new products are gradually added to mass production. As time goes by, there will be new opportunities. For overseas markets, when the global economy recovers, the supply chain will gradually be driven. Up, with the continuous development of 5G, green environmental protection, smart home and artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other technologies, the innovation and upgrading of consumer electronics products will be promoted. The demand for connector products will also increase, providing the consumer electronics connector market market opportunities;

With the continuous development of mobile Internet technology and the increase in residents’ income, the consumer electronics industry has shown a stable development trend. Data show that the global consumer electronics market revenue is generally relatively stable from 2013 to 2022. Compared with 2021, market revenue in 2022 will decline slightly, reaching US$1.05669 billion, and is expected to reach US$1.13572 billion in 2026, with a clear recovery trend. In the future, as emerging technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence integrate with consumer electronics, product updates and iterations will be accelerated and the consumer electronics market will expand.


  1. Consumer electronics drives the development of connectors

At present, the consumer electronics industry continues to move closer to high-end and green. The high efficiency, speed, and stable power and signals of connectors have become the main support for hardware. As the power and signal connection of consumer products, connectors are also constantly adapting. The development trend of consumer electronics. For example, fpc/ffc connectors (used to connect Flexible printed circuit, FPC or Flat flexible cable, FFC), usb (micro usb interface, used for data transmission and device charging), connectors and wire-to-board Connectors/wire-to-wire connector (used to realize connections between circuit boards or between circuit boards and cables), etc.

Dongguan Kangrui Electronics is a professional connector manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in producing consumer electronics connectors. Among them, KR2022 is our newly launched product. KR2022 PAL connector is a connection with a safety lock. device, and a TPA locking device is added on the original basis to prevent accidental disconnection due to wiring or vibration. It also prevents accidental disconnection due to wiring or vibration, reverse and plugging and unplugging of different circuit numbers.

Micro connector TPA 2.00 mm wire-to-board and wire-to-wire systems are ideal for compact applications, providing electrical and mechanical reliability in high-temperature designs to meet a variety of industry requirements. These are the first applications of TPA connectors in consumer electronics important role.

KR2017 2.0mm pitch TPA connector with 2 lock

To sum up, there is a collaborative development relationship between consumer electronics and connectors. They promote and influence each other, and jointly promote the progress and application of electronic technology.

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