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Application of Canny products in the automotive industry

Dongguan Konnra Electronics’ KR2017 DuraClik 2.0 mm pitch smt wafer wire to board connectors

feature a terminal retainer option that provides stable mating and high printed circuit board

retention for applications requiring high shock resistance. Its specifications are as follows

Mold name: KR2017 series

Category: wire to board

Pitch: 2.0mm

Current: 3A

Voltage: 125V

Temperature range: -40°~+125°C

Insulation resistance: 100MΩ Min

Withstanding voltage: 500V AC/ minute

Contact resistance: 10m Q/max

Its product features are summarized as follows:

  1. Double lock design at the board end and wire end, the terminals are fixed more firmly;
  2. The built-in buckle replaces the external buckle, making the contact more stable;
  3. With a new structure, the product can pass the V2 vibration level, and its vibration level is


  1. The product can pass the 150°, 1008H aging test, and has a higher high temperature resistance


KR2017 wire to board 2.0mm pitch 3A current smt TPA type automotive connector

In wire to board applications, operators sometimes fail to ensure that connectors are fully mated.

This may lead to final product failure. The KR2017 connector has a wide locking latch, which will

make a crisp “click” sound when mated correctly to ensure a secure mating. Rugged automotive

and commercial applications can be subject to shock, vibration or rough treatment, conditions

that can cause terminal dislodgement and signal interference. The KR2017 wire to board

connector series includes TPA type, which provide greater retention force and more reliable

performance in harsh environments. Customers select different connectors from different

suppliers, which complicates their purchasing process and often leads to compatibility issues. The

KR2017 wire to board connector series offers single row configurations of 2 to 15 circuits in both

vertical and right-angle orientations. In addition, KONNRA offers a wide range of connectors to

meet a variety of connector requirements in almost all markets.

KR2017 double lock connectors are widely used in the automotive industry, including air

conditioners, exterior lighting, heads-up displays, shift levers, steering, wipers and cranes. With

the continuous development of automotive technology, especially new energy automotive and

autonomous driving With the popularization of technology, the demand for automotive

electronic equipment continues to increase, and automotive-related safety and stability are also


Here are some insights into the relationship and future trends between the automotive industry

and connectors

1. Highly integrated: Automotive connectors are highly integrated and can implement a variety of

functions, such as data transmission, power supply and signal transmission, to meet the

high-density connection needs of automotive electronic equipment.

  1. Lightweight: In order to reduce the weight of automotive and improve fuel efficiency,

automobile manufacturers need to use lighter accessories in their designs. KR2017 TPA connector

is one of the smallest products on the market, helping to solve space issues and reduce vehicle

weight, improving fuel economy.

  1. High reliability: The automotive industry has very high requirements for the reliability of

connectors, because connector failure may lead to serious consequences. KR2017 TPA double

lock wire to board connector is high vibration resistant and high temperature resistant, with high

reliability and stability. It can make the connector and the board end more fixed and prevent it

from falling off.

  1. Customization: In order to meet the needs of different car models and functions, our

automotive connectors can provide a variety of specifications and models. In addition,

automakers may need to customize the shape and size of connectors to fit specific installation

spaces and needs. KONNRA has a professional engineering team that can provide technical and

customization support.

  1. Intelligentization: As the automotive industry develops toward intelligence, automotive

electronic equipment needs to support more communication protocols and functions. KONNRA

connectors need to support high-speed data transmission, multimedia transmission and other

advanced functions to meet the needs of automotive intelligence.

  1. Green and environmental protection: The automotive industry is paying more and more

attention to green environmental protection and requires connector materials to be halogen-free,

low-smoke, and low-toxic. Our KR2017 TPA wire to board automotive connector is made of

environmentally friendly materials, and the product complies with RoHS, UL, USCAR-2 and other


Obtaining the USCAR-2 certificate means that the performance and quality of our connectors

have been authoritatively certified. USCAR-2 certification covers a series of rigorous tests, such as

environmental suitability testing, electrical performance testing, mechanical performance testing,

etc. Through these tests, the performance and reliability of the KR2017 connector under various

working conditions have been fully verified.

Looking to the future, KONNRA will continue to be committed to providing high-quality

automotive connectors to the market. KONNRA believes that the successful experience of the

2017 series of products will provide valuable reference for the future development of KONNRA

connectors. KONNRA Connectors will apply the experience and knowledge of USCAR-2

certification to other product lines to promote the company’s overall technological progress and

industrial upgrading. Through unremitting efforts, KONNRA’s products will play a more

important role in the automotive industry and other application fields. plays an important role in

providing customers with better and more reliable products and services

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