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How to choose the right connector product according to your needs?

  1. The first point is to know what type of connector is needed in many connector types, mainly used in those products. For example, we are producing mobile phones, then we will use theFPC connectorsand board-to-board connectors needed inside the product, as well as the USB connectors and SIM card connectors for external connections. For example, we produce circuit boards, and there is a need for cable interfaces on the circuit board, so we know that it needs to use IDC connectors, RJ45 connectors, and so on.
KR0800 IDC 0.8mm pitch micro 0.5A current connector
  1. The second point is brand, every product and every industry has its brand leader. For example, what mobile phones are good to use, then our first thought may be an Apple phone, air conditioning may think of Gree air conditioning, other electrical aspects such as the United States electrical appliances and so on. Do you know why they came to mind in the first place? The first time to think of them, it must be in all aspects of quality and other advantages, the strength of the company and the reputation of the product are long after people’s recognition, otherwise how can the first time to think of them.


  1. The third is to have a certain understanding of the suppliers of the manufactured connectors, because the connector products produced by different suppliers are different in terms of quality, product materials, and product delivery, which is also a standard issue that the procurement needs to pay special attention to.



As a commonly used electronic product in life, each connector will be covered with an insulating material to protect the user from contact and other factors. Then, how many types of insulation materials are commonly used in some connectors? Next, a small series will explain how to distinguish the insulation materials commonly used in connectors for the majority of users.


LCP insulation material


The temperature resistance of LCP insulation materials is between 290 and 320 degrees, but because of its large water absorption, it is generally used in products with low temperature resistance and pitch.

ABS insulating material


ABS insulation material has good impact toughness, oil resistance and wear resistance, is relatively easy to form, and hard and rigid, its temperature resistance is about 100 degrees, is generally used in the connector auxiliary products.

PBT insulation material


The commonly used PBT insulation material is the addition of 20% to 30% glass fiber, which has the advantages of crack impact resistance, anti-electricity ability, good wear resistance, low friction coefficient, good lubrication effect, oil resistance and chemical resistance. It still has good dielectric strength under high temperature and humidity, its shrinkage rate is between 0.6% and 3.0%, its temperature resistance is about 2.0 degrees, good formability, and fire resistance. At present, most connector manufacturers’ basic plastic materials are PBT, which is a plastic insulating material.

Connectors and plug-ins are widely used, electronic products without connectors are useless ornaments, choose a high-quality connector products, determines the quality of our production and life, then how should we choose a suitable connector?


You can choose from the following aspects:

Connector internal pin header
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