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How connectors are driving a new era in agriculture

KR2021 Series Mini50 Wire to Board CPA Car Connector

Agriculture is becoming intelligent, a large number of unmanned farms emerged. At present, Shanghai has built nearly 14,300 acres of grain production unmanned farms, grain production from mechanisation to intelligent; vegetable production has also achieved “machine for man”, has completed 46 vegetable production “machine for man” demonstration base construction, “green leafy vegetables” mechanisation level reached 66.4%. At present, the construction of 46 demonstration bases for vegetable production has been completed, and the mechanisation level of leafy greens “cultivation, planting and harvesting” has reached 66.4%. Together with the connector specialist KONNRA, we are exploring connectors for the farm of the future.

KR2021 Series Mini50 Wire to Board CPA Car Connector

The Smart Farm module includes modules for agricultural situation detection, agricultural machinery management, agricultural material management, drone control, agricultural life management, smart irrigation, equipment alerts, and analysing decisions. The changing paradigm in agriculture means that farms will introduce more and more smart devices such as drones and field sensors to automated harvesting equipment and cab-mounted GPS devices that return data to base.

With this change, equipment needs to be constantly upgraded. An easily overlooked component is the connector. It has become widely used in all industries without connectors, and the same is true for smart farms.

Intelligent unmanned harvester

Due to their high frequency of use, connectors commonly used in agricultural equipment must be able to cope with a wide range of complex standards in order to facilitate the development of future farm tools.

Especially in extreme agricultural environments, connectors need to be extremely hermetic in order to resist damage from water, moisture, dust, soil and chemicals. This contributes to the durability and stability of agricultural tools.

Large Intelligent Sprinkler

It is also important to choose different connectors for different applications. Stainless steel connectors are suitable for insulation, but their weight may not be suitable for drone applications. Similarly, plastic or composite connectors are lightweight and resistant to corrosion and chemicals, but prolonged exposure to the outdoors can damage the plastic. KONNRA Connectors can be consulted to bring you the right durable connector in conjunction with your project needs. You can consult KONNRA Connectors to bring you suitable and durable connectors in conjunction with your project needs.

KR1507 Series Clik Mate Dual Row Wire to Board Connector

The KR1507 Series Clik Mate Dual Row Wire to Board Connector features a 1.5mm pitch, is very compact and secure with a friction-lock design that saves 30% space compared to 2.00 mm wire to board connector systems.

The technologisation of agricultural tools means that product developers need to consider the ability to transmit power and high-speed data efficiently. This may require high bandwidth fibre optic cables to collect and process data from all sensors and wireless control signals from remote operators.

The basic connector range includes variants of the cylindrical M12 Ethernet connector, which is widely popular due to its robust construction. In addition to this, these connectors are also available in snap-in and push-in, quick-release designs, with different types of connectors being used in different scenarios, which is more conducive to the high speed development of smart farms.

Intelligent Agricultural Sprinkler Irrigation Drone Technology

KONNRA can also help customers design fully modular connector assemblies. Here, product developers can integrate multiple types of connectors into a single module to meet the needs of today’s modern farms – when equipment needs to be upgraded with a component or configured with contacts, simply replace the insert. This allows producers to upgrade their systems without incurring additional testing, mapping, redesign and production costs. It also allows customers to make changes quickly to adapt to market conditions.

With the increasing trend of intelligent agriculture, the application of connectors will also increase substantially. For manufacturers, choosing the right connector and its connector manufacturer will directly affect the improvement of product and service quality, and even determine the competitiveness of enterprises in the intelligent agriculture market.

As one of the key factors of intelligent agriculture, connectors will become more important as the industry develops. KONNRA will promote the intelligent development of agriculture with high quality and high performance connectors, which will also bring great changes and development to the future of agriculture.

Data source: Shangguan News Network: “Shanghai built 14,300 acres of unmanned farms, representatives advise on agricultural science and technology innovation”.

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