MedTech Wiring Harness

The medical device connector harness has a complex internal structure and a variety of characteristics to ensure its safe, reliable and effective use in medical devices.


A medical device connector harness typically consists of multiple tiny cables that are wrapped in a sheath, usually made of medical-grade material, to ensure the safety and reliability of the harness. Each cable has its own unique function, such as transmitting power, signals or data.
Medical harness Features:
1. Transmission characteristics: Medical device connector harness can transmit different types of signals, including analog signals and digital signals. Analog signals are usually transmitted in a continuous waveform, and the transmission characteristics of the harness depend on the material and manufacturing process used.
2. Electrical characteristics: Medical device connector harness must have good electrical characteristics to ensure signal integrity and accuracy. This includes low impedance, low noise, low attenuation and anti-interference capabilities.
3. Chemical properties: Medical device connector harness chemical stability, not affected by the medical environment or other chemicals.
4. Safety: Medical device connector harness must have good safety performance to ensure that it will not cause any harm to patients or medical equipment. Anti-electric shock, anti-electromagnetic interference and meet the medical standards of the material.

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