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  • KR2000 single row DIP wire to board connectors

    Model number:KR2000

    Category:WIRE TO BOARD



    Wire AWG:26~30#


    Similar models in the market:51004

KR2000 single row DIP wire to board connectors,rugged industrial and automotive applications can be subject to vibration or rough handling, which can remove terminals and cause signal interference. The Konnra wire-to-board connector system has a positive lock for secure matching retention. High retention and internal locking provide electrical reliability in harsh environments. When dealing with ultra-small 2.00mm pitch wire-to-board connectors, sometimes the operator cannot ensure the correct mating direction. This can cause the final product to malfunction.

Konnra's unique non-rectangular shell shape ensures a suitable matching orientation. Designers often have space issues on their PC boards due to the increase in components. The miniature snap-in-to-board connector system features positional locking in a compact 2.00 mm pitch design. Customers can select different connectors from the Konnra 2.00 mm pitch series connector.