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  • KR1250 single SMT connector

    Model number:KR1250

    Category:WIRE TO BOARD



    Wire AWG:28~32#


    Similar models in the market:Molex51021

KR1250 single SMT connector

Friction Lock

The crimp receptacle is equipped with two latching ramps so it is held securely to the header. This minimizes the chance of accidental unmating due to vibration or mishandling.

Polarized Mating Geometry
The crimp receptacles are polarized to the vertical and right angle headers to prevent harness-to-header mis-mating

Vacuum Caps

Optional vacuum caps for the vertical surface mount headers allow high volume placement using industry standard pick-up nozzles.

Reliable Terminal
The two-point contact design assures a reliable electrical connection even under conditions of low current, low voltage, and/or vibration

Solder Tabs
The two solder tabs assure header-to-PCB retention and act as a strain relief for the SMT solder tails. This minimizes the chance of cracked solder joints due to mishandling.

Embossed Tape Packaging

The embossed tape packaging allows high volume placement of surface mount headers on a PCB with vacuum pick and place equipment.