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LED gradient module motherboard


With the advancement of science and technology, lamps, which are essential items in everyday homes, have gradually evolved from incandescent lamps to current LED lamps.
People are not satisfied with the current monotonous colors, so they have developed a variety of LEDs, color-changing LED lights, multi-color LED lights, and so on.
The LED lamp we are going to introduce today is a gradient LED lamp, which can adjust the brightness of the light according to the rhythm of music or instructions.

LED light

Installed in a car, it can follow the rhythm of car music to change the color and brightness of lights. So the control board of this lamp is more complicated, as shown below:

LED gradient module motherboard

LED gradient module motherboard

As we can see on the board with 1.27mm pin headers,3.0mm 180° SMT connector,USB B type connector and 1.50 mm connectors.They were all made by Konnra connector.

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