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Car Light detection board


Although the CLD (Car Light detection) board end is simple, it uses two 100μF 25V capacitors to make the product performance more stable. And this time directly upgrade to gold-plated pin header and 3.0mm connector.

CLD board

As we all know, 3.0mm wire-to-board connectors appear the most frequently in the use of automotive connectors, and the lights and central control account for a relatively large proportion. The main reason is the stability and shock resistance of 3.0mm with buckle connector products. The main functions of the gold-plated pin header are low impedance, fast transmission speed and strong wear-resistant life, which are much stronger than the tin-plated nickel-plated pin header.
CLD board

Main products: 1.27mm pin header and 3.0mm DIP with buckle connector.

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