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High price does not mean expensive, but a symbol of quality


Recently received an inquiry from a foreign customer about KR1250 SMT 90 ° Wafer, the customer has been asking what is the defect rate of our products? My answer is 1 ‰.

It is necessary for me to understand the questions repeatedly asked by customers. He said that the products he had purchased in China before were at a reasonable price, but he did not expect to receive the products before he discovered that many of them were damaged, including bad solder ...

Chat record

He asked, "You also have a bad rate. How can you stop it?" This problem is easy for Konnra to solve, after all, we have been in this industry for so many years. Immediately send him the video operation, let him watch it for himself, and then tell him how our products avoid such quality problems. as follows:

Product packaging is done by automatic machines. Each automatic machine is equipped with a CCD to judge whether the product is qualified. Unqualified products will be picked out immediately.

Before the product is sent out, it will manually check the goods again to ensure that each product is qualified.

The availability of spare parts for each of our packaged products does not mean that there is a defect, but that the industry implements standards. Konnra has always demanded itself with a strict quality spirit, so please buy our products with confidence.