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Milk of human kindness,the person all has,The ancients said:expend the respect of the aged in one’s family to that of other families。However, as time goes by, the seedlings of love may wither, and now we need a way to carefully cultivate this seedling, let it grow, and let us love forever. For people, business should be like this. Love is not just a simple gift, it is a concept and spirit. Only with a grateful heart can a company start with more details, and for the sake of customers, it can also obtain better economic and social benefits. And the employees of the company can only hold a grateful heart, and can dedicate their greatest light and heat to their own enterprises, and create the greatest economic value for the enterprise.

There are indeed people around us who need help, and there are too many people in need in the outside world. You may encounter different problems. We can use this fund to help in material and spiritual ways. A temporary hardship. Love can be passed on. We can walk together intimately through the obstacles of the mind and help each other.

In order to fully implement the "five major" development concepts proposed by the central government for innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing, we will actively respond to new situations, new problems, and new contradictions arising from the workforce, and carry forward the humanitarian spirit of the support of all parties and launch All staff strength, focus on the wisdom of the public, and jointly create a harmonious internal and external environment. On February 1, 2017, at the company's staff meeting, the company's trade unions initiated the establishment of the company's employee mutual aid and love foundation.

The purpose of the Employees' Mutual Aid Foundation was to provide assistance and assistance to employees in the event of non-work-related deaths. The company requires that all units should conscientiously do a good job in organizing the work of all cadres and employees, vigorously publicize the significance of establishing a love foundation, and further improve the understanding of the cadres and workers on the importance of establishing a mutual support fund for employees, and unify thoughts and actions. Go to the company's requirements and work together to promote this work smoothly.

Calling, all cadres and staff should actively respond to the company's call, vigorously carry forward the humanitarian spirit of one party's difficulties and support from all directions, actively participate in the corporate employee mutual aid foundation, dedication, mutual help, unity and common development, and jointly build the company's warm and harmonious The big family has made new and greater contributions to speeding up the construction of internationally renowned engineering companies with management technology and quality and efficiency!!

Dongguan Konnra Electronics CO., LTD.

The " Charity foundation" was established on feb 1, 2017

First, the theme: "To build a harmonious Konnra family, to offer a sincere love"

Second. Purpose: To establish the Konnra"Charity foundation” to help Konnra's families with difficulties; to promote the unity of Konnra people, to help others, to help each other and to help each other; to enhance the appeal and cohesiveness of the Konnra team; Next, Charity foundation emergency situation;  

[1] Organize all members of Konnra to carry out fundraising activities.  

[2] Established a "love team."  

[3] The organization organized the “Charity foundation” donation audit work.

Third, the "Charity foundation" use method 

1. Special funds are used;

2. Among all the employees of the company, regardless of rank, gender, ethnicity, the heads of the departments provide the list. The Human Resources Department (Administration Department) and the General Manager Office (factory department) evaluate the “Charity foundation” and determine that it is indeed difficult. usage of; 

3. The “Love Fund” is issued by the Finance Foundation of the Love Foundation and is supervised by all members of the “Charity foundation”.

4. Others, the use of specific matters by the Human Resources Department (Administration Department), the General Manager Office, and the “Charity foundation”.

Fourth, the list of members of the Preparatory Committee

◆Director/Deputy Director/Member of the Preparatory Committee

◆Heart Club President / Vice President Leader

Dongguan Konnra Electronics CO., LTD.  

February 1, 2017  

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