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Good luck to the start work


Start work.Start work.Start work. 


With a strong sense of the year.


We are starting a new year of work.


Today is the seventh day of the year.


Konnra Electronics wishes good luck getting started.


Good things again and again.


A lot of good dreams.


Life is like sesame blossoming - high.




Start working.



New year new life.


Send away a year of hard work and busy.


We ushered in the first day of construction with a new look.


In the new year.


Change is the spirit of our fullness.


What remains unchanged is our persistent dream.


In the new year.


Konnra Electronics will continue to provide you with better service.


Keep the following formula in mind for the new year.






That is to improve a little every day.


1.01 365th power means you improve a little bit every day.


After one year, you will make great progress.


Far greater than "1".




1 means to stand still,


After one year, you are still standing still.


Still the "1".






That means you are going back a little bit every day.


You will be a year later.


Far less than "1".


Far behind being left behind.


It will be "1" and nothing will happen.




Let's work together.


May we like to work.


May we achieve others in our work.


May we work hard and present our value.