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Konnra Charity Foundation management system


Konnra Charity Foundation management system

The establishment of Dongguan Konnra Electronics Co., Ltd. "Charity Foundation", in line with the principle of "Caring for Love, Mutual Assistance", timely delivers each love to the employees who need the most care, and spends every penny in the most need for funding. local. In order to better play the role of the “Konnra Charity Foundation” and provide more effective assistance to the normal life of employees who have difficulties in Konnra, this management system has been promulgated.

First, the "Charity Foundation" institutional settings:

Established the Konnra Charity Foundation Committee of Dongguan Konnra Electronics Co., Ltd., and the directors of various departments of the company and the heads of various departments acted as members of the fund committee, and the president of Charity Foundation served as the president of the “Charity Foundation and Difficult Comrades”. The foundation has a president, vice president and team leader. The fund committee sets up an investigation management team on a group basis. The team leader is the director or supervisor of each department. It is responsible for the investigation and tracking of difficult comrades in the department and the compilation of difficult gay files.

Second, the responsibilities of the members of the Charity Foundation:

1. All members of the Foundation must adhere to the principles of fairness, impartiality, openness, truth-seeking and pragmatism, and accept the supervision of all employees of the company.

2. Investigate and track the life and work of the company's difficult comrades, and timely and detailed understanding of their life and work performance.

3. Review the investigation and determine the recipients, forms and amounts of funding.

4. Responsible for the results of the investigation and timely report the progress of the work to the company's “Konnra Charity Foundation”.

5. Continuously improve the management of the Charity Foundation.

6. Recommend to the company the family members of the difficult comrades with virtue, ability, diligence and performance, and become the company's dual employees.

7. Comrades who misrepresent the family situation and prove the difficulty of falsification should promptly report to the organizing committee.

Third, the source of the Charity Foundation and the recipients:

(1) Source of the fund:

1. Fundraising for all employees of the company;

2. The amount of penalties imposed on employees of the company;

3. Contributions from other companies and offices of Konnra;

4. Donations from personnel and enterprises and institutions that are enthusiastic about public welfare in the society;

5. Funds supported by the company.

(2) Funding objects:

The Charity Foundation is available to all employees of the company and can be funded by one of the following:

1. Family poverty (verified by investigation), performed well in all aspects of the company, and there were no other employees who were funded to help them maintain their basic lives.

2. The main members of the family or employees who have suffered major changes in their own lives and seriously affect their work and life.

3. Employees who are in urgent need of help in other unexpected situations.

Fourth, the management rules funded by the Charity Foundation:

(I) Funding form:

1. Give regular and appropriate subsidies to poor employees whose monthly basic living expenses cannot be guaranteed.

2. Give a one-time subsidy to employees who have difficulties due to unexpected circumstances.

3. Before the Spring Festival, subsidize the travel expenses for particularly poor employees.

4. Appropriate compensation given in the form of double employees.

5. The self-employed application of economically difficult employees shall be verified by the organizing committee and assessed by the Human Resources Department (Administration Department) and the General Manager Office (factory department). The “Konnra Charity Foundation” shall be confirmed as having difficulties; Give appropriate funding.

At the same time, the form of funding will be adjusted according to the future work of the Charity Foundation.

(II) The approval process for fund funding:

1. The Charity Foundation held a working meeting of all members at the beginning of the year to formulate an annual plan and assign work tasks.

2. The investigation management team leader conducts investigations of poor employees and submits investigation reports to the responsible groups through various means.

3. The investigation management team leader supervises the investigation process and submits the investigation result report after the initial examination to the organizing committee.

4. The organizing committee of “Konnra Charity Foundation” held a meeting to conduct the second trial of the survey results. In case of disputes, the organizing committee shall organize personnel to conduct investigations.

5. The Foundation will discuss the final list of subsidies, the form and amount of funding, and the evaluation by the Human Resources Department (Administration Department) and the General Manager Office (factory department). After the “Charity Foundation” is reviewed, the results will be announced in the Foundation.

(III) The supervision system funded by the fund:

A. Supervision of the work of the "Charity Foundation" Committee:

a) The “Charity Foundation” committee accepts the supervision of all employees, and all employees have the right to criticize and suggest the work of the fund organizing committee.

b) Implementing the financial disclosure system. At the beginning of each year, the “Charity Foundation” Organizing Committee shall publicize the income and expenditure of the “Charity Foundation” in the previous year to all employees in the form of statements, and accept the consultation and supervision of all employees. If there are more expenditures in the period, the financial disclosure of the appropriate number of times will be made for the income and expenditure.

c) The “Charity Foundation” committee accepts the situation of any employee and conducts a fair investigation and handling.

B. Supervision of grantees:

a) The investigation team regularly reports to the organizing committee on the funded situation of the group, and reports it in a timely manner if there are special circumstances.

b) If there is an unreasonable use of the grant, the organizing committee shall organize personnel to understand the specific situation and help the parties to correct it. If it is not corrected, it will be disqualified from continuing to fund.

c) If there is any intention to create false poverty in the funded process, the fund organizing committee will be fraudulently funded, and the fund organizing committee will explain the situation to the Konnra Charity Foundation and take it seriously. deal with.

Fifth, the financial management system of the Charity Foundation:

1. The operation of the “Charity Foundation” adheres to the principle of openness and transparency.

2. The funds received by the “Charity Foundation” are jointly kept by the Finance Department, the General Manager Office, the Customer Service Department, and the Human Resources Department. They are uniformly stored and used exclusively to support poor employees and may not be used for other purposes. The Charity Foundation Committee oversees the use of the Charity Foundation.

3. The expenditure of each payment of “Charity Foundation” shall be submitted by the Charity Foundation on the actual situation. After the approval of the President, Vice President and Team Leader of the Charity Foundation, it shall be reported to the Organizing Committee of the Charity Foundation.

Sixth, the promotion management of the Charity Foundation:

The promotion of the “Charity Foundation” must enable employees throughout the company to understand the role and significance of the Charity Foundation, so that employees throughout the company support the Charity Foundation, help its development and expand its influence. The specific operations are as follows:

1. Each year, a detailed information about the Charity Foundation should be distributed to all departments and the company's employees should be encouraged to join the efforts to expand the influence of the Charity Foundation.

2. Do a good job in financial disclosure.

3. Use the "Love Court" published by Aixin Society once a year to promote the Charity Foundation.

4. Do a good job of publicizing and commending donors.

5. The Organizing Committee of the Charity Foundation organizes 1-2 activities each year around the theme of the Charity Foundation.

Seventh, the final interpretation of this system belongs to the Ministry of Human Resources.

Eighth, the system will be implemented from the date of promulgation.

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