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Konnra Electronics 2018 Second Quarter Collective Birthday Party


July 31, 2018

Conrad Electronics' second quarter collective birthday party

Happy Birthday

What is happiness, that is, the beautiful woman likes you at any time, the friend always remembers you, the boss is very caring for you, the work is very smooth, you let the experience of life beautiful, good mood has been with you, everything is good.Happy Birthday!

The development of Konnra is inseparable from the hard work of every employee. On the occasion of your birthday, I wish you a happy birthday on behalf of all colleagues of Konnra. Thank you for your dedication to doing your work for Konnra in these years. I hope that you will continue to work hard in the future and let Konnra grow with you!

Don't forget your body after work, thank you for your outstanding performance in Konnra, and send your most sincere wishes on your birthday: Happy Birthday!

I hope that you and Konnra will go through every spring, summer, autumn and winter to harvest the most fruitful fruits of life. In the past year: Konnra has been working normally because of your hard work; Konnra's performance will be a new high because of your selfless dedication; on this special day, all employees of Kangrui sincerely wish you a happy birthday: Wishing you a Happy Birthday, happy every day.

The prosperity of Konnra has your merits, and the thriving Konnra has your happiness. Happy Birthday. I hope that Konnra will warm each of you and bring you the feeling of home. Happy birthday!

A blessing, a sincere, on your special day, all of Konnra's colleagues will send you the most sincere wishes for your birthday, wish you a happy birthday and a happy family!