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2018 Elf Summer Class Graduation Ceremony


Love ambassador · Miss Yang

Love is a lamp that illuminates others and warms itself.

A person who holds a love on the road will be in love all his life.
Love is a kind of life emotion, like flowers, open, beautiful others,

I am also fruitful, why is it hidden in my heart?

Love should be said out loudly.

I grow up with you, you grow old with me.

True companionship

Is playing with children

Successful parents

Just have time to accompany your child calmly

Original intention

Konnra Electronics established "The Elf Summer School"

Just for the parents have more time in the summer.

Accompany your child


Is the child's first teacher

Is a model for children's growth


The 2nd Elf Summer School

We are growing

The child is progressing

Learn to share

Happy you and me

Accompanying is not companionship

In the current social life

Child growth is the biggest headache for parents.

Like a child’s violence

High demand sticks, sinks games, etc.

These problems can eventually find an identical source.

Loss of parental companionship

#It is imperative to accompany your child#

Happy work

Happy life

#Konnra's attitude#

We are a family

You,him and me

Create brilliant tomorrow

Time flies

Children grow up

We are old

Pretending to be more serious than being absent

Accompanied by heart to get the nourishment of love

Thanksgiving Konnra this big family

Thanksgiving, Konnra, Mr. Zhou Zong and Miss Yang

Anywhere, anytime

Are for us to be with our children

Dedicated to building a summer class

Let us be at work

Better accompanying children to grow up

Big parent

You have worked hard

Grateful to have you.

Happiness, a beautiful word.

We hope that happiness will accompany us to grow up. However, we never know that happiness is actually around us.

As long as we are more careful, we will be able to find it.

————————Companionship is the best happiness

The last one: Period