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Lead sequence

Hello everyone,this is Yang zongyi from third term,Loujiangzhanjin village,Zhongling Town,Jinping Country,Guizhou Province.On March 17, 2017, have a daughter Yang Jingyao, it is the unforeseen that originally happy family was a sudden down of a serious illness.Jingyao,On March 24, 2018, she suddenly felt unwell and was sent to the second people's hospital of huaihua, hunan province for emergency treatment.Now has spent 20,000 yuan, although the current condition has been under control, but later heart surgery treatment costs still need a lot of money, friends and relatives should borrow, really is unable to afford this huge cost.Please everyone save my poor daughter, I have not had time to accompany her daughter, I will certainly remember the kindness of everyone, Thanksgiving, a good life peace!

April 12, 2018, initiated by "Konnra Pro Bono" love, raise the fundraiser for Conrad staff Yang Zongyi daughter Yang Jingyao beat this healthy growth.

Yang zongyi joined Konnra in September 2017 and worked in the production department as an operator of the automatic group installation of pin group.I have been conscientious and honest in my work.

We are Konnra people, Konnra people walk hand in hand, you need us to be, one by one into the sea, one point and one hope. We're in action!Never give up!Never abandon!

Morning meeting, we gather for love.

Foundation members gave a speech on this love.

Pass Love

We are in action

Drop by drop into the sea.

Never give up

Never abandon



When you are in trouble, someone will generously lend a helping hand to you, pull you a hand, help you see the dawn of hope, presumably you will feel very relieved and grateful. When you are grateful, what we need to do is to remember this help, rather than staying in this book! This care, we accept, we must remember, because we have to repay, this repayment, may not necessarily be repaid to the person who lends a helping hand to you. Because what he wants to see more is that you will pass this love in society as he does.