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“Blood donation"-love inheritance


In order to further promote the entrepreneurial spirit of Konnra people caring for the society and giving back to the society, on August 11, 2017, under the advocacy and leadership of everyone, Mr. Zhou and Miss Yang, Konnra launched an obligation to donate blood with the theme of “Love Passing, Grateful to You”. Activities, donate blood for the blood bank in downtown Dongguan. For this event, Konnra people showed great enthusiasm, a total of more than 20 employees enthusiastically signed up, the cumulative blood donation of more than 7000 ml.

At 9 o'clock in the morning of August 11th, the staff of the blood station in downtown Dongguan arrived at Konnra on time. The Konnra people who participated in the blood donation were already fully prepared. Under the guidance of the blood station staff, everyone carefully filled out the blood donation registration form. Blood pressure, blood test,and then donated blood. During the activity, the blood station medical staff preached the relevant medical knowledge that blood donation should pay attention to, introduced the benefits of blood donation to the human body, and carefully clarified the matters that should be paid attention to after donating blood.

Among the people who came to donate blood, there were employees from the production line, office staff, and middle and high-level leaders of the company. Some of them have donated blood many times. In particular, Miss Yang, in the case of her own fainting, insisted on donating blood 400CC, after the blood donation is completed, it will be relieved. She said: "It is a good deed to benefit the country, benefit the people and self-interest, and it is also a good duty for every citizen to donate his own blood without compensation. Konnra will continue this activity and do it. A way to give back to the community for Konnra, and will be integrated into the unique corporate culture of Konnra people."

Other people who participated in blood donation also said that they are willing to contribute their own strength to building a harmonious society. When they get their own bright red book, everyone has a happy smile on their faces. For a time, the blood donation site is everywhere. It is full of joy and pride after devotion to love.

Let us together, praise the Konnra people who are caring and responsible, you are well-deserved heroes!