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        Enterprise development strategy planning is the soul and program of enterprise development, guiding the development direction of enterprises, clarifying the business areas of enterprises, guiding the allocation of enterprise resources, specifying the development strategies and development measures of enterprises. Formulating a strategic plan for corporate development strategy is conducive to building a common vision for both the company and the employees, so that employees have a sense of belonging and dedication to the company, and thus more fully engaged in the work.
        Based on the development trend of the industry and enterprises, and the macroeconomic environment, on the basis of comprehensive analysis, the future development strategy plan of Dongguan Konnra Electronics Co., Ltd. will be formulated.
        First, the general rules of planning:
        (1) Background of planning
        Since its establishment in 2000, Dongguan Konnra Electronics Co., Ltd. has become one of the well-known suppliers of matching connector solutions in China after 18 years of stable development. It has become a cooperative enterprise in the domestic electronics industry, such as new energy and smart life. Established long-term and reliable cooperative relationships with well-known domestic enterprises (Netease, Tencent, Didi, Haikang, Dahua, BYD, etc.). Through standardized development, the company regulates itself in the operation of quality, environment and safety systems, which enables Konnra to lay a good foundation for the development of Konnra and the rapid growth of economic benefits in the strategic operation.
        (II) Planning guiding ideology and principles
        Konnra Electronics adheres to the market-oriented, actively expands the target regional market, stabilizes and expands the market share, and forms a pattern of integration of design, research and development, production and sales. Through continuous technical and management innovation, the quality of employees is enhanced and enhanced. Satisfaction of employees and customers, establish a good corporate image and brand value in the industry, and promote Konnra's sustained, stable, rapid and healthy development.
        (III) Planning time limit
        The road to sustainable development in the future.
        Second, the company profile:
        Dongguan Konnra Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise that designs and manufactures matching connectors and supporting information transmission harnesses. Since its establishment in 2000, after 18 years of rapid development, it has become one of the well-known suppliers of connector solutions in the field of connectors in China. The annual output reaches more than 10 billion PCS. The factory covers an area of 5,000 square meters and has domestic and foreign Nearly 100 sets of advanced equipment are in the leading position in the same industry.
        Dongguan Konnra Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in the most active hotspot area of China's economy. The central city of the Pearl River Delta - Dongguan City, the town of Chang'an, is located in the center of Guangzhou, Huizhou and Shenzhen. It enjoys a unique geographical advantage and a well-connected transportation line, which has made the Konnra electronic fast development.
       Since its inception, Dongguan Konnra Electronics Co., Ltd. has paid great attention to the quality control of products and the formation of environmental awareness. All production management is managed in accordance with the international standard management system. Product quality and environment are controlled according to international quality and environmental management systems. It has obtained the certification of quality, environmental management system and environmental management system to ensure the international standardization of products.
        Dongguan Konnra Electronics Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the research and development of new products. It invests a large amount of human and financial resources to develop new products every year, constantly innovating and developing new and better products to meet the needs of customers. The company now has independent multi-station progressive mold design and development and manufacturing capabilities, which can meet the special requirements of connector transmission information in various industries.
        With high quality control, continuous innovation, short new product development cycle, professional after-sales service and moderate price, Konnra believes that we can provide quality services to our customers at home and abroad.
        Our company
        Vision: Leading connector solution provider.
        Mission: Create value for customers,create opportunities for employees
        Values: Honest and trustworthy,due diligence ;Admit mistakes and bear the results;Combination of theory and practice,Team work
        Quality policy: Quality first, full quality assurance, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction.
        Third, the analysis of corporate strategic environment:
        (I) Analysis of business environment
        As the information transmission carrier, the connector is an important link in the transmission of integrated circuit information. No matter the wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, board-to-board and other information transmission, the connector cannot be separated.
        The main function of the connector is the carrier for the transmission of information, and as a quick and convenient connection between the information and the information of the fast connection transmission function. With the development of the electronics industry in the future, Konnra connectors will be faster, thinner and more convenient.
        In recent years, with the rapid development and application of high-integrated electronic circuits, the scale of domestic connector manufacturers has been continuously expanded, and the level of production technology has also improved significantly. The production level of China's connector industry has leapt to a new level.
        Especially in recent years, the rapid development of automotive new energy conversion market applications and the popularization of smart devices have brought unlimited market viability and good market prospects to connector manufacturers. In the future, the connector industry will continue for a long time. increase.
        Good market prospects have also led to rapid growth and expansion of connector manufacturers, and market competition has intensified.
        Product prices have fallen. At the same time, the rise in material prices (copper belts, plastics) and the rising wages of employees (government departments raise the minimum wage every year) also reduce the profit margin of connectors year by year, forcing companies to continue to use technology and management methods. Innovation and development to adapt to the market environment of rapid development and competition.
        (II) Analysis of existing competitors
        The current market size of connectors in China has reached 5 billion US dollars, accounting for about 70% of the world total. China's connector companies are mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and Shanghai Kunshan area.
        Dongguan Konnra Electronics Co., Ltd. accounts for about 5% of the connector market in the connector supply, accounting for about 50% of the market for designing and developing connector solutions for customers.
        (III) Analysis of the status quo of the enterprise
        1 material resources status
         At present, the company has a production and operation area of 5,000 square meters, nearly 10 high-speed punching machines, 10 injection molding machines, 3 wire harness production lines, and 50 automatic assembly testing and packaging machines.
        For the development strategy of Konnra Electronics, Konnra has established three subsidiaries, Shenzhen Konnra, Dongguan Konnao and Kunshan Konnra.
        At present, although the equipment is not too much, but the equipment is more than 95% intact, the old machines in the past are basically eliminated, replaced by current high-speed punching machines, fully automatic assembly machines and other machines.
        2 Human Resources Status
        There are about 200 employees in the company, including 40 management teams, 100 first-line production personnel, 40 quality inspection personnel, 15 professional mold development and design personnel, 5 foreign affairs personnel, 20 masters, 10 undergraduates, and junior college graduates. There are 10 people, 60% of people under 40 years old, and 40% of people between 40-50 years old. The age structure is moderate, the workforce is stable, and the annual employee turnover rate is within 5%, which is the best flow condition in the industry. The stability of employees plays the most crucial role in the stability of enterprise product quality.
        At present, the personnel used for product quality inspection are basically the same as those of the first-line production personnel. In terms of ensuring product quality, enterprises are willing to invest in labor costs.
        3 Enterprise Technology Status
        The quality of the connector product is the quality of the product's mold. At present, the company's professional mold design and processing team is basically a backbone person who has been engaged in Konnra for many years and has rich technical experience; it has a sufficient guarantee for the quality of the mold. The ability to mold design and development continues to grow.
        4 Corporate financial status
        At present, 90% of the company's operating funds rely on the company's profit, bank loans are less than 5% of the company's annual sales, and there is little pressure on the operation of funds.
        5 Business operations
        The number of sales of the company for three consecutive years has continued to increase by more than 30%.
        6 Enterprise Management Status
        Relying on the ISO9001 quality management system, the company implements the company's quality policy and objectives in an all-round way. It has passed the quality system audit and supervision for 10 consecutive years, and at the same time introduced the environmental and safety management system, and assumed environmental and safety aspects. The business responsibility of the company to achieve sustainable development of the company. In order to be in line with international standards, the company conducts the determination of harmful substances on products every year, and entrusts the domestic SGS testing organization to conduct tests to ensure that the products meet the environmental requirements.
        Fourth, the overall strategic planning of the enterprise:
        (1) The overall development goal of the company for five years
        In the next five years, relying on the advantages of existing production sites and equipment hardware facilities and mold advantages, strengthen the technical strength of mold development, and enter the top three in the Pearl River Delta connector manufacturing enterprises.
        (2) Stage development goals

Year 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
3.0 billion pcs
3.5 billion pcs
4.5 billion pcs
6.0 billion pcs
7.5 billion pcs
Sales revenue
9 million USD
10.5 million USD
13.5 million USD
17.91 million USD
22.39 million USD
Tax 597,000 USD
746,000 USD 940,000 USD 1.254 million USD
1.493 million USD
Connector market share
9% 10% 11% 12% 13%
Wire harness market share
8% 9% 10% 11% 12%
Customer satisfaction rate
80% 85% 90% 92% 95%
Employee satisfaction rate
85% 90% 92% 95%
        V. Strategy implementation:
        (I) Human resources strategy
        Establish a strong sales force and design, research and development, mold technology processing team, change business methods, and enhance the demand for high-quality talent. Reserve elite management personnel to meet the needs of high-speed development of enterprises.
        Within two years, the number of technical and managerial personnel above junior colleges has increased to more than 30.
        Carry out multi-channel and multi-form training and education to improve the technical quality and moral quality of the existing front-line personnel. The reasonable turnover rate of employees is controlled below 15%, and the incentive effect of enterprises on employees is enhanced, so that employees have room for development in enterprises. .
        To improve the satisfaction of the employees of the company, in order to satisfy the customers, we must first satisfy the employees. Gradually improve the labor environment, working conditions and welfare of employees, improve respect and care for employees, stabilize the workforce, and retain loyal and outstanding talents.
        (II) Management strategy
        Guided by the market and customers, we provide services and products with standardized service and high quality. Accelerate the response capability of customer product quality feedback, improve customer satisfaction, achieve a virtuous circle through customer satisfaction and credibility, and cultivate a group of loyal customers.
        By increasing product output and reducing product costs, customers can reduce the price of their products.
        On the basis of the existing product varieties, expand the market demand for product varieties, multi-structure, diversified product supply customers, and change the current single product supply and demand model. Increase the value-added products with high added value and high technical content to achieve greater profit margins.
        Utilize the advantages of modern information management, flexible use of marketing and publicity means to increase corporate visibility and brand advantage.
        (III) Financial management strategy
        Rational use of foreign capital, expansion of production capacity and speeding up the upgrading of production equipment and testing equipment to enhance the quality advantage of enterprises.
        Strengthen cost accounting, improve product qualification rate, reduce product finished products, and achieve product competitiveness.
        Strengthen financial analysis, improve the correctness of decision-making, reduce financial risks, and achieve long-term growth of corporate economic interests.
        Sixth, strategic control:
        Divide the company's business strategy objectives, formulate practical annual business objectives, and decompose them into various departments and various types of personnel. The senior management regularly studies the completion of the established goals and adjusts them in a timely manner. Control the objectives of the business strategy within a manageable range.