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Dongguan Konnra was founded in 2000,,which is located in one of China's economically developed cities—Dongguan.Now Dongguan Konnra Electronics Co., Ltd. has Shenzhen Konnra Precision Components Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Kangao Electronics Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Konnra three branches.

Konnra Electronics is a professional integrating connector mold development, production and sales manufacturer. The main products are: MOLEX connector, JST connector, JAE connector, HRS connector, FPC connector, AMP connector, pin header, female header and car terminal and other environmentally friendly halogen-free connectors, all kinds of terminals, housing, wafer and matching harnesses. Products meet the US UL, Germany TUV and other safety certification standards and RoHS EU environmental protection certification; products are exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Taiwan regions and obtain good reputation and recognition of customers.

The company adheres to technological innovation, takes the road of combining technological innovation and market development, keeps up with market demand, continuously introduces high-tech, high-quality products, implements and strictly manages according to IATF16949 and ISO9001 quality assurance system. The basis; fast delivery, stable quality, and improving market competitiveness for customers is the commitment of Konnra Electronics.

  • The latest situation of Sino-US trade wars Will Trump impose an increase of 25% on China?

    According to foreign media reports, on May 5, local time, US President Donald Trump said that the tariff of Chinese goods worth 200 billion US dollars will be increased to 25% from May 10.

  • New energy car connector

    "Green components, green cars." New energy vehicles are “green” vehicles, and the vehicle-equipped connectors also require green environmental protection. Whether it is the production or actual use of components, use green materials, avoid environmental p

  • Molex Connector Launch: CyClone

    Randy Tan, Molex Connector Product Manager, explains: “Many of our customers produce products that require frequent removal of electronic modules for regular maintenance or operation of internal modules.

  • Consideration of connector factors in circuit design

    In the process of circuit design, the factors of the connector should be considered. Do not put the connector into the final stage of the design and consider it, otherwise it will be easy to be stuck in the final step of its own design.

  • TE launch micro-pitch FPC connector

    In view of the current trend toward miniaturization of consumer devices, TE Connectivity, the original Tyco Electronics, today announced its latest 0.25 mm pitch flexible printed circuit (FPC) connector.

  • The main distribution of the application area of the connector

    The continuous development of application fields such as the automobile industry and the computer communication industry has gradually expanded the market capacity of connectors, with an average annual growth rate of more than double digits, and the marke

  • What is a connector?

    Connectors, also known as connectors, plugs and sockets in the country. Generally refers to electrical connectors. That is, a device that connects two active devices to transmit current or signals.

  • “Shanghai General Motors” and other 133 batches of automotive wiring harnesses failed

    The main problems found in this sampling inspection are concentrated on the fact that the sign and the terminal and conductor cross-section items are not up to standard. Among them, 111 batches were found to be unqualified.